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The Legend of Balenciaga

Every time I visit London, I try to soak up some culture and art. There’s something so unique about the British museums – an insane […]

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3.5 Magical Days in London: Tips and Recommendations

This year, our family Passover vacation was different than previous years. We always go together for a long getaway, but this year we split – […]

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A Picturesque Tumble: Memories From My First Ski Vacation

There’s nothing like a ski vacation! Besides the breathtaking views and the feeling of being in a fairy tale or a painting, for me skiing […]

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Sad thoughts about Paris that was – and won’t return

Exactly two weeks ago I was touring the streets of Paris! The city I love so much, the city that the moment I land in […]

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Breaking the Mold in the Holy City

It’s not easy to be an only child… It has its pluses and minuses, the biggest minus being Israeli holidays, when families get together around […]

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Packing for a yacht: not much clothes, tons of style

There’s noting more indulgent than sailing on a yacht, enjoying a sunset, spending time with friends when there’s noting but waves around you  and reaching […]

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From the Maldives With Love: Merel’s Designs

  Meeting new, exciting people from all over the world is one of the tings I like most about traveling.  Finding connection points with a […]

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Midburn: On a Different Planet

Two hours of driving, 6 hours stuck in traffic in the dark desert, two hot nights and one very dusty day – if someone would […]

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The Wild West, New York Style

The Wild West is in again! To get it, you don’t really need to fly anywhere – just purchase one of many fringe items every […]

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On Highway 1, on my way to San Francisco

 Passover is well behind us by now, but I’m having a hard time getting back to routine. I recently returned from a 3-week long family […]

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"All the Jews stink! But you don’t "

Holocaust day is not a day for fashion talk. It’s a day to remember, to look back and to pay respects to the millions of […]

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A trip to the future with TESLA

  I certainly didn’t plan it, but lately I write quite a bit about cars. This time, I want to tell you about a special […]