The Korean Wave: A Sexy Oversize Look

אוברסייז - לובה ג'ייקובסון

The oversize trend is now on the minds of all the leading  fashionistas, who like to  emphasizes the fragility and grace of their bodies – if you ask me, oversize can be very sexy. In fact, oversize appeared as a political statement at the recent Fashion Weeks – as strong, confident women rebelled against the traditional femininity norms.

Breathtaking prints

The look I’m wearing is by a Korean designer named Lie Sangbong, whose boutique I found in the Meatpacking District on my recent trip to New York City. Korean fashion is in the top of its game right now – from San Francisco’s Asian Museum exhibition, dedicated to historic and current Korean fashion, to the NYFW ‘Concept Korea’ project, Korean designers really seem to have an innate sense of style and conceptualization, and Sangbong is no exception. He combines Western trends and Oriental traditions in a very unexpected way.

אופנה קוריאנית - לובה ג'ייקובסון

קונספט קוריאני בניו יורק - לובה ג'ייקובסון סווטשירט פרחוני

The big red, black and blue sweatshirt, with the sporty stripes and the unusual print, for example, is a perfect balance of practicality and style, very light and attention-grabbing.

The pants are another story – super-trendy culottes, ever more so thanks to the light leather they’re made of – unexpected uses of leather were all the rage at fashion weeks for fall-winter 2018. This cut is very slimming for the waistline and elongates the leg, and together, despite being both oversized, these pieces look very light and elegant.

סווטשירט קוריאני לימים קרים

Retro-futuristic glasses

To finish the look, I went all the way with high-impact accessories – futuristic/retro glasses, just like Sangbong’s designs, a Gucci leather bag (there can never be enough leather) and black stiletto boots to continue the pants’ line and slim the silhouette even further. The result is intriguing, and you can’t ignore it. The sunglasses, by the way, are limited edition – one lucky owner is Lady Gaga herself, as you can see on her Instagram account

משקפי רטרו - לובה ג'ייקבסון

What did you think about these unique pieces? And do you already have a Korean designer’s creation in your closet?



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