Orange Touches

Ripped jeans…. That’s summarizes the denim trend for the season, pretty much. This black jeans are perfect, in my opinion, and what’s important about the tears is that they’re unsymmetrical. The white Mickey Mouse T-shirt adds a bit of humor – cartoon characters are a fashionable mainstay by now. If you remember, Sponge Bob already made an appearance at Moschino, but this year, the famous mouse is king!

I combined the look with a slightly chunky sandal, to balance the childish T. Of course, a pop of color must be added to the black – an orange leather jacket, which attracted me thanks to its color. In my closet it’s more of an accessory than a key item

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson orange jacket black sandals


Jeans – J Brand ( InStyle) // Jacket – Pinko // Shoes – Senso (Emanuel)

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