Madrid look-book: part 1

Although I try to be organized, and usually choose my travel looks ahead – one for morning and one for evening, remember? I often manage to forget something at home, like the right bag or the earrings that complete the dress perfectly. When I discover my mishap at the hotel, it drives me insane every time, but at least I’m no longer surprised – I’ve learnt to accept that as a given.

I couldn’t believe it, then, when on our recent trip to Madrid I didn’t forget a single part of all the planned looks.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson jeans furry boots winter look

I try to look different every day, according to my mood and the weather. When travelling, it’s tempting to go for the comfortable, humble all black. I try not to overdo it, and use black as a base and add a pop of color. Too much black brings me down, if anything – better wear it for evening.


Day 1: The playful look

 Hats shaped like dogs, cats, bears, bunnies and other animals are a winter must – warming and entertaining all in one! Combined with the flowery sweater, I felt like a puppy playing around in the forest. Its nice to be a little childish without feeling pathetic (or maybe just a little bit pathetic…).

I paired the items with short “denim” sweatpants (I have those in a long version, too), because this playful look fits a sunny cold day. However, the cold wind brought me back to the hotel pretty quickly, to change to longer pants – at least, two looks were created in the process. And of course, my favorite Zara cardigan – I take it everywhere, and it will probably be useful during Israeli winter, too. Oh, and don’t forget to sprinkle some red lipstick on it – to balance the youthfulness with a bit of sexiness

hat – OYSHO // jamper – DESIGUAL // shorts – RAG&BONE  // cardigan – ZARA // sunglasses – PRADA // boots – KRAMA of CHARME


Day 2: The romantic look

 Sponge Bob, Mickey, Mini Mouse and others – I already said animated characters rule this years designer collections. But pink and Mini? Ultra-childish, and had to be muted with classy black. This day was hotter, which allowed for short leather pants with black tights– a little sex appeal in the mix. The leg warmers – more for style than for weather purposes. For rain protection – this interestingly shaped raincoat I bought in LIO, a small young designer store on Shenkin st. in Tel Aviv.

shoes – ASH // shirt – LM LULU // sunglasses – PRADA //  raincoat – LIO


Day 3: The cool look

As simple as it gets – blue washed jeans (I’m very picky with washes and colors and a fan of authentic ‘jeans’ jeans), a black turtleneck, a black leather jacket, with a bit of white to go with my eternal ASH shoes. I must say, though, that although a turtleneck is a good looking item, it can be tricky – hot and itchy, especially inside restaurants. What won’t you do for fashion, right? But after that day I decided turtlenecks and me are no longer friends.

denim – DSCUARED //  leather jacket – AX Armani Exchange // shoes – ASH // sunglasses – VALENTINO


Day 4: The elegant look 

For this day, I planned a different look, but once I found the poncho I wanted for so long, I hurried up and wore it immediately, to make good use of the European weather – I knew Israel won’t allow me to enjoy it soon enough. The tight black pants keep the look slim and fit despite the poncho’s wide shape, and the fur on the boots balances the fur on the poncho’s hoodie.

poncho – similar here // pants –J BRAND // sunglasses – PRADA // boots – KARMA of CHARME

I hope you got inspired, and as for what I wore at night – stay tuned to the next post!



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