Madrid look-book: part 2

After I showed you the looks I prepared for daytime, here’s what I wore at night. No matter what I do, black almost always rules my evening looks, especially during winter. Having said that, I try to add a pop of color with a clothing item, accessory or lipstick, to avoid the totally tragic look.


Evening 1: The military look

I’m always in favor of contrasts – and it’s why I chose this Michael Kors shirt I bought on Rhodes. Camouflage is very trendy now, although I usually don’t respond to it well – there’s something too aggressive about it, in my opinion. Here, a contradiction of shiny sequins adds softness and femininity. I maximized the ‘military’ effect with harem pants with nonchalantly dropped suspenders. A dainty boot with a stiletto heel saves the situation and adds sex appeal

Shirt – MICHAEL KORS // pants – EMMA COOK // boots – VALENTINO


Evening 2: the dynamic look 

This white skirt always improves my mood, maybe because, once again, it reminds me of childhood. I have to sort this out with my therapist :-) it was bought from an Israeli designer named GOTA – I like wearing Israeli designers, it fills me with pride. I combined it with a sparkly knitted tank top and some more bling – a tiny bag I bought in Sardinia (my only purchase there, besides Louie the tiny dog, who’s far from tiny by now). A black long cardigan from wool and chiffon was flying in the wind, as the butterflies on my tights added yet another touch of dynamic movement.

Skirt – GOTA // shirt – MAJE // boots – CHRISTIAN DIOR // cardigan – COSTUME  NATIONAL


Evening 3: the elegant-sexy look

I always thought you shouldn’t combine leather with leather, but that night I did it, for some reason, and loved the result. Maybe it’s because the skirt and the shirt look like a dress or a suit together or maybe because an elegant knee-length skirt softens the overt sexuality of black leather. For a pop of color, I used this Snow White bag (remember the cartoon trend?) and red lipstick. The white scarf kept me warm and brightened the face at the same time, but at the restaurant I took it, and the coat off, and ended up with the all-black look.

skirt – ROBERT RODRIGUEZ // shirt – CUORE and PELLE // bag- RED VALENTINO // boots –  VALENTINO


Evening 4: the anti-look :)

I was so scared I’ll be cold sitting without movement at a two-hour long Real Madrid game, that I simply wore everything I had in my suitcase – a sweater, a puffy west, a short puffy coat and on top of everything – my favorite cardigan. The awesome game, beer (which I don’t drink normally – only in Moscow with crabs!) and the puppy hat made my evening. Oh, and by the way, our seats had heating lamps so I was shedding one layer after another, and was finally left with a thin sweater and no hat. But what if they weren’t there? J

Hopefully, I managed to put a smile on your faces,




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