The Tel Aviv Accessories Market – 5 Tips

The Tel Aviv accessories market is happening this year! The one thing I love about these accessories markets is the variety. It is in the simple nature of the word. Accessories can mean pretty much anything – from all types of jewelry, to belts and scarves, and all bags and glasses….oh and hats of course. To put it simply, accessories are everything except the garment itself. .

Accessories can have a major affect on any outfit. When accessory use is done right, it can upgrade your outfit significantly. My one most important rule: don’t exaggerate!

One requires the same set of skills as one would need when trying to go on a diet. While that piece of chocolate cake tastes amazing, eating the whole cake will only lead to regret.

Accessorize your looks like an intriguing bite of chocolate cake, don’t overdose on hats and scarfs until you’re left passed out on the coach, chocolate cake still smeared on your face and shirt.

Remember, everything in moderation.

Here are my 5 tips for choosing the perfect accessory:

1) Earrings or necklace? I am faced with this problem a lot. It depends on the outfit and hair. If the hair is up, earrings would be my choice. Of course, to every rule is its exception. If you’re wearing white you can do both earrings and necklace. But this would mean that both have to be white.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson denim jacket white shirt statement necklace
// jacket – ZARA // neckless – SOBRAL // sunglusses – Ralf Loren//

2) If the accessory has a very vibrant color that pops – then do just ONE! The only exceptions could be the shoes (which are anyways far away) or the bag (if the color does not compete).

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson denim white shirt statement necklace
// jeans- J Brand // bag – Chloe // sunglusses – Ray-Ban //

3) Your handbag should always be special. This can be it’s shape or color or both. This should be for events but also on a day to day basis. You have to look at your bag like an important and influential accessory, and not just a storage unit. Especially in the summer, I love to use my bag to add that much needed color to my outfit.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson blue metallic clutch
// bag – Proenza Shouler //

4) Don’t create a bag-shoes set. That trend, of having your bag and shoes the same color and brand – it has just been passed on for too long. Match your bag and your shoes with similar but not exact colors. When in doubt, put on a big bracelet – don’t pout.

5) When in doubt, put on a big bracelet – don’t pout

I have many more tips for you all in the future, but for now – happy accessorizing!


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