Classic black, for summer? Yes!

ז'קט שחור - לובה ג'ייקובסון

Despite the summer heat, I occasionally feel the urge to go back to classics. It’s true, black isn’t especially practical for the Israeli summer, but that’s exactly what makes this look stand out in its dramatic splendor. On an elegant evening, when it’s not too hot, it’s even quite possible!

For several seasons now, fashion designers are trying to reinvent the jacket, a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. We saw variations on the army jacket, a version with patches, and this season the biggest innovation has to do with volume, plus delightful bows and tied elements. This jacket, by Dsquared2, always draws attention wherever I go. How could it not, with its exaggerated Victorian sleeves and golden buttons? On one hand, it carries a fun circus vibe and on the other, it’s quite tailored and serious – and both aspects make it stand out. The brand, in general, is known for its love of big statements, and their latest collection was all about these jackets, in bright greens and golden yellow.

ז'קט שחור וג'ינס - לובה ג'ייקובסון שרוולים תפוחים - לובה ג'ייקובסון ז'קט שחור לקיץ - לובה ג'ייקובסון

The jacket’s cut provides enough drama, so in my opinion, black hue is perfect. The basic black jacket might be a simple favorite, but this black number upgrades any look.

The holy trinity

The best companions for a jacket are a white T and jeans, right? I treat this trinity as an equation – one piece strong and bold, the other two – reserved, to balance the look. In this case, it’s clear which part steals the show, so I opted for simple blue and slightly distressed jeans to add a cool factor, and a simple white T with black writings to match the jacket’s color. I allowed myself just a little bit of additional statement: a Gucci belt with a golden buckle, which adds bling and ‘speaks’ nicely with the jacket’s golden buttons. Big belts are another hot summer trend, so I couldn’t skip this one!

ג'קט שחור וג'ינס סנדלי עקב - לובה ג'ייקובסון

I added a gentle golden necklace and vintage-style massive sun glasses and created a look which is both nonchalant and very memorable. Perfect for an cultural event for which a jacket makes sense, but not just any jacket!

משקפי שמש - לובה ג'ייקובסון

Another option is to wear this impressive jacket with a silk slip dress and sneakers – another combo guarantying all eyes will be on you.

Did you love the look? Would you wear such dramatic sleeves for daytime? Tell me in the comments.



I’m wearing:

//Jacket – Dsquared2 (Helga Design) / Jeans – ZARA/ Belt- GUCCI/ Sandals – Gianvito Rossi//

Photography: @oritpnini

ג'קט שחור לקיץ

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