Beyond the Frame: 3 Unique Pairs of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are my official obsession! Every time I visit a boutique, any boutique, my first stop is the sunglasses stand. I’m in love with them, since they’re such a fashion accessory – the only accessory that frames and decorates my face!

If you feel like daring and braking the mold – I collected 3 unique ideas, which are sure to spike your sunglasses collection with interest and diversity.

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Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Swatch customizable sunglasses
Clicking with Swatch

Clickable sunnies by Swatch

I really didn’t see it coming – the Swiss watch brand, Swatch, always known for its prints and gimmicks, excelled this summer with Swatch the Eyes, a sunglasses collection with clip-on frames you can purchase separately and frequently exchange. The name fits this collection really well – the prints are fun, and so are the shapes – cat eye, round, exaggerated cat eye – and you can combine any frames and handles.

Great for someone who ‘needs’ a new pair every week!

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Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Fendi sunglasses
Fendi’s lightnings

Almost costume

Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion house is genius, and if we’re talking exaggerated, you can’t do better than those crazy Fendi shades, borderline costume-ish. These lightnings framing the face are already the subject of many imitations, and this season the lightnings are paired with angular lenses – isn’t it one of the most special pairs you’ve ever seen?

I love my pair, in black, but tempted to buy this crazy seasonal hit. Even if you don’t have the courage to surround your face with lightnings, it’s always fun to be inspired by a fusion of fashion and art – which, in my opinion, these sunglasses embody.



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Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Swatch Nasty Galy tattoo sunglasses
The Nasty Gal version

Sunglasses with tattoo art

It’s hard not to be wowed by this collaboration between the British brand Linda Farrow and the designer Mathew Williamson, which gave us one of the season’s strongest trends – irregular frames which exceed the lenses and create interesting geometrical effects. I saw similar examples sold – a nice addition to the traditional sea of plastic frames. The ‘tattoo’ pair isn’t very practical, of course, but the look is stunning, and you can remove the flower ‘tattoo’.

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Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Mathew Williamson sunglasses
Mathew Williamson’s version

The slightly more ‘serious’ pair is already a favorite on many fashion bloggers, and it can be found on Farfetch. For the crazier version, head to the online boutique Nasty Gal.

I do have the lightning sunglasses, but I’m sure to try the other innovative looks too. Stay tuned!


Decided to spice up your sunglasses selection this summer? Want to dare? Tell me all about it in the comments!



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