The Summer is Here: 5 Must Items for Your Wardrobe

The summer is already here, and it seems like we’ve been waiting forever! I love when seasons are changing, but summer is especially welcome – and I don’t mean the steamy temperatures of August, but all the fun trends it brings. There’s nothing like summer fashion to make us ladies feel sexy and happy.

I previously wrote here about the biggest seasonal trends. As always, the big retailers got on track and already offer us more affordable variations on the biggest hits. The comfortable prices will allow us to experiment and ‘go wild’ with items we might not even remember next year – why not?

So here they are, my top 5 high street choices you must add to your wardrobe this summer:


Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson lace up Mango shirt

 1. The lace-up top

The nautical-inspired lace-up detail is everywhere this season. The depth of the plunge is up to you, but anyhow, this element adds sex appeal to any look. However, unlike the lacy, romantic top – another strong trend – this top has a bit of tom boy in it, and a very refreshing touch. Take a look at this Mango shirt, for example – perfect for evenings with a sophisticated jacket, this layered and elegant look will take us from spring to summer.


Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson culottes

2. The flirty pants

Introducing the culottes – the airy pants that from afar resemble a skirt. This summer’s staple isn’t necessarily the most flattering, but hey – it’s comfortable for sure, the best of both worlds; you get the flirt and the softness of the skirt, but don’t have to worry about exposure due to strong winds or all the other ‘risks’ of wearing it.

You can find culottes easily, in a store like H&M, and play them up in delicate, printed silk or buy a pair in office-appropriate suede. Don’t forget to team up with a fitted top, to avoid a ‘puffed-up’ look, and to add a nice jacket for even more structure.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson mustard skirt

3. The mustard piece

Designers are all about the fiery tomato red this season, but the chains are loving another statement color – mustard. It’s a great wardrobe ‘refresher’, but truth be told, you’re better off placing it away from the face since it doesn’t flatter everyone’s skin tones. I’d go for a mustard pair of pants or a skirt – as this ZARA example shows, this color goes great with white and navy, but try to mix it with trendy pastels, too.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Asos off shoulder dress

4. The carefree dress

Here’s an especially fun trend, easily done with one single purchase – a voluminous off-the-shoulder dress. This cut, originating from the Flamenco influences,  is insanely popular this season and fits very well into the Israeli summer. Asos really specializes in this type of dresses, which come in a variety of prices. A white option will be perfect for Shavuot, and can be found at our Golf, or go for a chic red one. To break this dress’s childishness, I’d pair it with tougher platform sandals, but not booties – it’s just too summery!

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson nude mules

5. The mules

Slip-ons on heels, that’s right. Mules are this summer’s  trendiest shoe, and the chain stores embraced it immediately. With a peep-toe and wide upper foot coverage, they instantly add a bohemian feel to a look, and they’re THE shoe to wear with maxi dresses or another hot item, the dungarees. I was surprised to find out that Toms, which make the comfy fabric shoes Israelis love, make great leather mules. I’m still getting around this trend, personally, and, if anything, prefer it in nude, for a lighter look.


Got summer recommendations for me? I’m here as always, ready to listen and share.

Let’s have a magical summer, with beaches, vacations and refreshing summer trends!



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