5 Spring-Summer 2016 Trends

Time flies! We just barely got used to winter’s trends, and summer is already upon us, in magazines, campaigns and generally in the fashion world. It’s important to note – what’s considered ‘summer’ fashion in the U.S and Europe, is also good for the relatively hot Israeli spring. Anyhow, summer’s trends are usually more exciting than winter ones – the Israeli summer, after all, is our longest season (and yes, I include April-May in it). This extensive period of time truly allows us to experiment with new trends and unique pieces.

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Flamenco trend runway

So shortly, I couldn’t wait for the temperatures to drop and already spotted 5 Spring-Summer 2015 trends you should try out:

Flamenco time!

Every summer, it being a colorful, joyful season, we’re exposed to exotic and ethnic influences: Indian embroidery, tribal prints, Romanian shirts and whatnot. How refreshing, then, to find a trend out of Spain, of all places, and to be exact – from the Flamenco dancer’s wardrobe. Flowing, bell-bottomed skirts, little jackets and boleros, flower hair accessories…. Designers like Diane von Fusrtenberg, who never gives up bubbly femininity, and Michael Kors, an expert in sensuality, fell in love with Flamenco this season, and rightfully so.

Personally, I love the flattering cuts and the romance – you can almost hear the castanets in the air!

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson linjerie  trend runway

Pajama Party

For the daring, the true fashionistas and the ones who are always hot in the summer, here’s a trend that’s a little bit recurring, but this time it’s a larger phenomenon – everyone from Alexander Wang to Calvin Klein showed variations on lingerie-style satin and lace. Even more interesting, though, is the comeback of the pajama. I promised myself I’ll try it this summer – a pajama shirt, with the pocket, the delicate print and the buttons, could be so cool with jeans. Stay tuned!

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson V collar trend runway

The X Factor

Delicate straps overlapping in an X shape on the neck or the collar bones are another sexy, yet easy to wear trend this summer. This element is great when appearing on a top worn under a suit – it will add sex appeal and interest, or when incorporated into an evening dress. Exciting, neck elongating (and concealing!) and especially suitable for dancing or a vacation look.

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson tomato red trend runway

Orange Power

You already know I love orange, but this summer it has a twist: designers such as Dion Lee and the always excellent Joseph Altuzarra declared their love for the tomato (or tangerine) hue, and combined it with baby blue, white and beige. I’d even consider a total look – and the best part, you can go ahead and match your lipstick to your outfit!

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson 70s suede trend runway

The Suede Revival

And for desert, a little less Israel-friendly trend, but still a worthy one. In recent years, designers love to experiment with heavier, wintry fabrics for summer. Last year it was all about leather, this time it’s suede’s turn, with a strong nod to the 70s (distressed, short and pastel-colored). Your can try to wear an interesting suede pinafore dress, like Alberta Ferretti’s, with a light white shirt, or to combine a suede skirt with a cropped top. It’s all up to you, your level of fashion endurance and the desired amount of skin exposure.

I wish you all a fun, unique and thrilling summer!




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