A Dialog With a Couch

Have you ever tried to have a dialogue with a table? Or talk to a vase? Or how about conversing with your blanket? It may sound weird to you, but for friends Limor Moraver and Rinat Abramovich it’s a way of life. They have conversations with objects on daily basis. OK, I feel like I owe you an explanation ☺

Until half a year ago, Limor Moraver was running an accessories studio for girls. Rinat Abramovich has a Ph.D in social psychology. Today, they’re best friends and partners at the home accessories studio FineLab.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Luba Jakobson sStudio Fine Lab
studio Fine Lab


Fashion and lifestyle blogger Luba Jakobson sStudio Fine Lab
at the entrance
Fashion and lifestyle blogger Luba Jakobson sStudio Fine Lab
on the window

“Products and objects are no still nature”, explains Rinat at their Ein Vered studio. “They allow for a dialogue in the household. We transfer feelings and sensations to a design object, and the objects reflects back at us”.

We’re sitting on one of the couches the two designed, on which the pillows are so delightful I find it hard to concentrate on a conversation – and I start to understand what they mean. “For us, a sofa isn’t just an object, it’s supposed to give me a sense of comfort, to lure me in with the feeling it gives me. Which means, I have a dialogue with it”, explains Rinat.

Limor and Rinat have known each other for almost a decade, since the period they both lived in Kfar Hes. “We weren’t friends, but whenever I caught a glimpse of her I saw we have the same taste and clothing style”, says Limor. In a funny coincidence, after life changing events, both moved to Ein Vered almost simultaneously. “Something connected us without words, it was clear we’re the same kind”.

with Limor at their studio
with Limor at their studio


How was the idea to operate a business together born? And why home accessories?

“It happened by itself. We both love aesthetics and it was clear a business will focus on interior design, because of the meaning the home has in our lives. Both Rinat and I think of the home first of all – we would invest in the home before we do in ourselves”. According to her, she never studied anything field-related, it came naturally. “I can come to a stranger’s house and start moving the tables around – that’s how strongly I feel about it”.

“The idea was born from people’s needs”, says Rinat, who studied in Shenkar and wrote her Ph.D in psychology about conflict resolution. She’s a family litigator and had worked quite a bit with private clients. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s working with the house, from every angle – with the relationships in the household, as well as the atmosphere accessories create in it”.

The duo’s goal is to “become a place where you can find everything for you and your home, from the bed to the pajamas. Everyday things, but good looking ones”.

And indeed, in their studio you can find all kinds of items – from the big ones, like sofas, blankets and pillows to the smallest ones, like designer sandwich bags or special stamps to mark your everyday feelings. It’s heartwarming and makes one smile. In general, the atmosphere in the studio is very warm, despite the cold colors usage – everything is white, black or grey.

Do you have anything against other colors?

Rinat: “No, but we choose these colors for their minimalism and cleanliness, and due to the calmness and peace they project. We both have a bit of a concentration issue, so we need our colors quiet”.

Limor: “It’s also our strength – we’re not scattered, our line is highly focused, compromise-free”.

I was surprised to find out that they make everything in Israel, which doesn’t affect the prices. “We look for quality”, says Limor. “When you produce in China or India you can’t closely supervise and conduct product control. Here, we can arrive and touch a thread. The whole process is very controlled and tight”.

What would you say to those who claim that businesses destroy friendships?

“That it’s better if friendship comes after partnership, not before. For us, the friendship is added value to the partnership”.

Despite the very strong connection, the two are very different. Rinat is precise and perfectionist, Limor is easygoing and light. This is evident especially when I ask to take a picture of them – Limor didn’t have an issue with it, but Rinat disqualified all the photos I took, and I took many.

Limor Moraver with Rinat Abramovich
Limor Moraver with Rinat Abramovich

Do you ever argue?

“We ‘light each other up’ with ideas, not arguments”, Limor answers with a smile. “There’s a division, sure, but decisions are made together”.

Right now, the two only market to a number of stores that ‘speak their language’ – Tama in Kir’yat Shaul, Makom in Ramat HaSharon, and in online stores Shopika and Marmelada. In the future, they aspire to establish a retail chain and even emerge on the international market.

Personally, although I don’t talk to my couches, I agree with the ladies – house accessories have a great importance in the household and majorly affect the atmosphere. I was happy to find a place where you can buy different objects – pretty, interesting and something surprising ones – in reasonable prices. Besides, it’s always nice to treat yourself and your loved ones to an object that says ‘I’ve been thinking about you!’.  And as for the two friends – I wish them the best of luck! With so much love for what they’re doing, I’m sure they will succeed.



Fashion and lifestyle blogger Luba Jakobson sStudio Fine Lab
pillows designed by Fוne Lab
home accessorises at the studio
home accessorises at the studio
Fashion and lifestyle blogger Luba Jakobson sStudio Fine Lab
stamps designed for your feelings
home accessorises at the studio
home accessorises at the studio
Fashion and lifestyle blogger Luba Jakobson sStudio Fine Lab
the pillows that know to talk

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