A skirt with a twist and a wink to grandma

The Western trend took over the fashion world by storm this year – from the fringe in all possible places to plaid. So here, another look I shot for you on that sunny day in the Tel Aviv Port.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson knee high boots plaid top

Young and cool

I love plaid! It always has such a young, cool effect! Just be careful, sometime the pattern tends to make us ‘bigger’. In its trendy new reincarnation, plaid appears not only on classic button-ups (which we’re used to seeing on the hips of cowboys), but also on less obvious items like skirts, coats and more. Among those is this cozy cashmere Zadig&Voltaire sweater.

Effortless style

I combined the sweater with a perforated skirt, another surprising piece. We’re all used to the perforated trend by now, as much as the older generation has a hard time with it. Every time my grandma, may her rest in peace, saw me wearing something like that, she’d be shocked and appalled! “Lubanya”, she’d tell me, “your shirt has holes in it! Change it, quick, it’s not like you to walk around like that!”. I’d smile, hug her and say; “grandma, it’s the way it’s supposed to be, you don’t understand!”. How could I explain that this is the ‘effortless’ trend, saying ‘I don’t need to sweat it to look good, and even clothes with holes flatter me!’.

We see this trend in many places, in torn t-shirts and sweaters, in ripped denim, and the options are endless. But a skirt with holes? That’s a welcome change! You just might want to make sure there’s another layer underneath :)

Depth and interest

I like contrasts, and always root for incorporating them into a look. For example, here the skirt is sweet and childish with a modern texture, big plaid squares on soft cashmere, a short skirt and high boots… Contrasts add interest and depth to any look.

Boots and cravings

Knee-high boots are  another trendy winter item. These should be worn with short skirts or shorts alone, so the world can see you got legs :) Keep the gap between the boots and the skirt by choosing thin 20 denier tights – nude but not black. My favorite bag (I bought it in black after obsessively carrying a similar bag in orange for years), black sunglasses – and my look is ready!

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson knee high boots plaid top

Truth be told, I like our winter, but already crave the warm days, when I can dress like in the photo shoot and not risk becoming a snow cone!



// top – Zadig&Voltaire/ skirt –Maje/ boots – Alaia/ bag – Celine//

photo credit : Eva Chernaya

By the way, I couldn’t find the sweater online, unfortunately, so I assembled a similar look with a different top

And here you can see a similar look I assembled with more affordable pieces:

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson knee high boots plaid top

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson knee high boots plaid top

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