A trip to the future with TESLA

Luba Jakobson lifestyle blog tesla Renault׳s Z.E.
Renault׳s Z.E.
Luba Jakobson lifestyle blog tesla Renault׳s Z.E.

I certainly didn’t plan it, but lately I write quite a bit about cars. This time, I want to tell you about a special experience called Geneva  International Motor Show – the annual exhibition dedicated to private vehicles held in Geneva, which presents all the latest innovations in the field. It was my first time at such an event, and I ended up there on my way back from our ski vacation in Courchevel, the famous French ski resort

The exhibit turned out to be a very impressive experience, a glimpse into the future. At the exclusive event, lucrative brands present the newest car models, plus ones that haven’t been presented to the market yet. I saw a lot of amazing cars and was very happy to meet my new friend from Monaco – I previously wrote about her here, plus some new friends – like the electric Z.E, the tiny, toy-like electric Renault, a sweet but not very safe car

Luba Jakobson lifestyle blog tesla Renault׳s Z.E. Koenigsegg geneva international motor show
Koenigsegg – we already know each other!


Luba Jakobson lifestyle blog tesla Renault׳s Z.E.Koenigsegg geneva international motor show
Luba Jakobson lifestyle blog tesla Renault׳s Z.E. geneva international motor show
Renault׳s Z.E.


I also saw non-electrical, but very comfy cars such as the Mercedes minivan. You can lounge on its soft seats and eat, drink and watch TV on a huge screen – and feel, simply put, like in first class on a plane

KLASSEN Luba Jakobson lifestyle blog tesla  geneva international motor show


geneva international motor show KLASSEN

geneva international motor show Klassen Luba Jakobson fashion blog
A comfortable ride to the future

But to be frank, if you’d ask me what car I’d like for myself, I wouldn’t hesitate and say – the American TESLA. Without much deliberation, I bombarded the company’s representative with questions – he got visibly tired at some point, but kept answering, exsercizing the famous American politeness

TESLA geneva international motor show
TESLA – the car of the near future


TESLA Luba Jakobson lifestyle blog geneva international motor show
TESLA – the content beats the looks

Here are some main points of interest I collected for you

Design is not this car’s strongest suit – it looks like a regular family car, but this is exactly the case in which the contest beats the looks

So what’s special about it? It’s a completely electric car

How do you charge it? There are a few options. One of them – just charge through a regular house socket, even in your living room :) A second option – to charge at special charging stations all over the U.S and Europe

geneva international motor show
כך נראות תחנות הטענה

How to find a charging station? This is the current map. For your information, a year ago such a map would have been completely empty

מפת המטענים נכון להיום
Today’s charging stations map


Where can you find the map? The map appears, by touch, on a huge screen on the driver’s right side – another thing that made feel as excited as my kids would feel. It’s such a futuristic feeling – that alone made me want to purchase the car. The screen has control over all the systems, plus Internet, Google and more

Luba Jakobson lifestyle blog tesla operating system
The map on screen


geneva international motor show
Internet on screen, too

How much does it cost to charge? It’s free

How much kilometers does one charging last? Up to 500

Air level pollution (a must information for any car)? Zero

Horsepower: 700

Trunk size: the car has two trunks! A very large one in the back and another one in the front, where you would usually find the engine. It also makes the car safer, as the front storage serves as a ‘buffer’ in a case of a bump

And another special feature for small kids – there are 5 seats in the back, with an option for two more seats facing them. Looks weird, but very useful

And the price? In all honesty, I expected more, but got the following data – the price starts at 90,000 Euro for a basic model and climbs up to 130,000 with upgrades – an opening roof, electric seats and more. Next year, they promise a new model with a starting price of 30,000 Euro

All we have left now is waiting for the promise to be fulfilled, and the car to arrive to Israel. It’s interesting to see what the price will be with our taxes, and hopefully by the time its gets here, the government will make the long-debated decision to lower the taxes on non-polluting cars. Just to remind you, in Israel the tax for a regular car these days is about 87%

Eventually, and no matter the taxes, this vehicle is worth it – from the gas saving aspect and from the environmental aspect too

And of course, from the future-is-here aspect

Here are some “ordinary” cars for you to enjoy. This kind of future also looks pretty great




RENAULT Luba Jakobson lifestyle blog tesla car exhibition
Austin Martin geneva international motor show
Austin Martin הדגם העתידי של
RENAULT geneva international motor show
EDAMS-RENAULT, 100 % חשמלית
geneva international motor show


BENTLEY geneva international motor show Luba Jakobson fashion blog

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