Here it is! The very first moment of my journey, the beginning, is here – but to be honest, it’s not a beginning really, but a continuation. The beginning was, so it seems, at the age of two, when I refused, with tears in my eyes, to wear a particular skirt with the shirt my mom dressed me in. I guess I inherited my grandma’s genes, the grandma who even at the age of 80 wouldn’t dream of  stepping outside to throw away the garbage without lipstick on.

Everyone is born with a particular talent – someone draws, someone sings, someone becomes a successful politician and another – an esteemed athlete. I believe one of the biggest gifts I’ve personally received is an aesthetic sense so strong, it occasionally gets in my way (yes, I‘m talking about that skirt). Anythings that has to do with aesthetics – beauty, wellness, design, style and, of course, sports and a healthy lifestyle, is something I live with daily, in addition to being a woman, a mother of two great children and a manager of small and large businesses.

I always had a dream to find a way to share my gift with the world. Luckily, we live in the age of Internet and technology, in which anyone can express themselves. This is how I chose to express myself! I invite you to join me on this amazing journey.

Want to get to know me beyond the blog? Here are some things written about me in Saloona, Xnet and Calcalist. Most recently, I participated in the Keshet 12 TV show, The Best in the World, alongside Michal Ansky. You can see me weighing in on ancient spa treatments in Sochi, and perusing the vintage markets of Berlin.


Luba Jakobson

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