Where Rihana and Putin hide: all you need to know about Sardinia

As I told you previously,that this summer we spent ten days in Sardinia, staying on a villa rented by friends. This was my first time on the island I kept hearing about and craved to understand its appeal to Rihana, Vladimir Putin and other celebrities and powerhouse figures that go there for regular vacations.

A short intro –Sardinia is divided to many sections, and we landed in Olbia, located on the island’s south side and just a half hour drive from the well-known exclusive town of Porto Cervo. What I found in Sardinia first and foremost were magnificent views, turquoise waters and dreamy beaches, huge yachts from all over the world comfortable weather and delicious Italian food.

The famous Tel Avivian humidity was out of the picture, and days were pleasant and even, at times, rainy. Besides, Sardinia is less crowded and more secluded than south of France, and that must do the trick for all those celebrities. The prices might be as high as the French Riviera, and in the case of 5-stars hotels even higher, but at least here you can really spot anyone and everyone. By the way, no need to book and expensive room to watch celebrities in action –you can just stop by a hotel bar or visit one of the many jewelry expos that take place in Sardinia all the time.

Luba Jakobson fashion blog Porto Cervo Sardinia
Porto Cervo

We didn’t stay in a hotel, however, but at a peaceful villa surrounded by green and mountainous views reminiscent of the Israeli north. Because of it, we could pick any beach we like for the day, and took a sail boat from one oasis to another. If the weather is comfortable, I highly recommend renting a boat and reaching the famous Corsica and the old port town of Bonifacio.

On another subject entirely, if you, like me, decide to purchase a little Chahuahua puppy, or you already have one and want to pamper it, Prince& Princess is the store for you. But consider yourself warned –don’t go in there unless you think you might end up with a dog. I didn’t plan on buying one, but it happened to me! Either way, their Facebook page is a must.

So, to sum it up: beautiful views, pretty cold turquoise waters, peace and quiet, great food, everything is expensive, and if you’d ask me if I want to come back next year –the answer is no. One time once was enough, and besides, I think the destination is not really geared for a trip with the kids –other than a water park, there’s not much for them to do.

If you decide to check it out and decide for yourself, here are my suggestions.


Phi Beach –a tiny beach with a restaurant and a staircase that leads straight into the water. Good service, comfortable chairs and good music, plus occasional parties with beautiful people. www.phibeach.com

Orange Beach –a nice restaurant, beautiful water www.ristoranteorange.com

Perevo Beach –the only beach I could find with attractions for kids, but no restaurant.

All the beaches offer shezlongs for 20 Euro minimum a person and the lucrative hotel beaches charge up to 200 Euro entrance fee! It’s up to you.


Gastronomia Belvedere –a small local hangout with great food and reasonable prices: https://www.ristorantegastronomiabelvedere.com/

Madai–a beautiful restaurant with a patio and tasty food www.ristorantemadai.it

Fingers Club –a Japanese restaurant on Porto Cervo’s promenade, great food and service

Pedrinelli –  the location of my birthday party. The places is gorgeous, but it’s a little overpriced. www.giannipedrinelli.it

By the way, after five days on the island I knew the entire Italian menu by heart and couldn’t eat any more pasta and octopus salad, so we had a Russian night at the villa and cooked ourselves. Make sure you diversify.


Ramazzino–a beautiful hotel with all the perks and the celebrities. For 180 Euro for adults and 90 Euro for kids you can have lunch on the hotel’s beach. Is it worth it? I’m not convinced. . www.ramazzinohotel.com

Cala di Volpe–picturesque views and jewelry exhibitions, plus music shows. Two days after we left John Legend was performing, and although I had no idea who he was, the kids were upset to miss him. This is a better option than Ramazzino and you can partake in the hotel’s sports activities without breaking the bank.  www.caladivolpe.com

Le Plame–a glat-kosher hotel, in case you need one, under the supervision of a Rabbi from Brussels. The beaches are gender-separate by the Jewish tradition.. www.hotellepalmeportocervo.it

And something extra: Billionaire, Sardinia’s leading night club, has beautiful crowd, energetic music and festive atmosphere. : www.billlionairelife.com

Enjoy! LJ

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