Straight from the Alps – a special look for International Women’s Day

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson grey cashmere suit furry boots
להרגיש אישה אמיתית

  I celebrated international Women’s Day, 8th of March, on a family ski vacation at the French Alps. I celebrated it like I’m used to since  childhood, since that’s what acceptable  in Russia. All the men are getting ready and excited, buying their women presents – from a bouquet of  flowers to jewelry, whatever they choose or thinks would make their partners happy. And in the evening, you’d go to celebrate in a restaurant a club

In Russia, it’s a real holiday that’s marked in red on the calendar as a day off. This is our day, girls!

I want to use this opportunity and wish all of you that you’d always feel feminine, but also know you’re strong and special and that every day is yours, no matter the date. And besides, start putting it in your men’s heads – March 8th is as important as February 14th, even more so – because without us, there’s no love!

And in the meantime, I want to share a look inspired by snowy mountains and by the special design of St.Roch hotel we stayed in. This look might not be relevant to our summery weather, but it’s pretty relevant to Women’s Day thanks to its softness and femininity

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson grey cashmere suit furry boots
חליפה מצמר קשמיר

Cashmere suit

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson grey cashmere suit furry boots
לוק נשי ורך


A soft, feminine look

This grey two-piece suit, made of high-quality cashmere (suits are highly trendy these days and I’ll write about it soon) I bought from Russian designers at the Maslenitsa Festival. The two have pant suits (pictured on the sales lady) I really liked, but all suits in my size were purchased already :( By the way, you can order their stuff online – and if you’re having trouble with the Russian please let me know, I’ll happily help.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson grey cashmere suit furry boots

Trying on the suit at the Maslenitsa Festival

Boots by Karma of Charme add warmth and softness due to their white fur, and their colors balances the suit’s cold grey hue. Grey and different shades of brown are always a good combination. And on my arm, an accessory that ‘corresponds’ with the fur on the boots. It’s too bad that I took the photos before I got this special gift from the hotel – the pendant would complete the look nicely. At the ski resort they already know the importance of March 8th and gifted every female guest with this present

תליון מתנה מהמלון לכבוד יום האישה

The pendant – a present from the hotel

So better late than never, happy Women’s Day, ladies!



Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson grey cashmere suit furry boots

Grey and brown – a great combination

בלובי המלון
At the lobby

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