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fashion blogger Luba Jakobson camouflage skirtFriday Morning

There’s no better way to start the weekend than dressing up nicely on a Friday morning, visiting a unique art exhibition and then stroll the city in perfect weather, which reminds us of the soon-to-come spring. And that’s exactly what I did last Friday. A morning chat with our friends reminded me that we’re invited to the annual auction show of Bank Hapoalim, which exhibits over 600 works by Israeli artists. The profits from the sales go to Aids Israel. Kudos to the Bank, it’s a very admirable initiative.

Color on Color

The exhibition is visited by anyone who wants to see and purchase art, to people watch and show themselves (obvious, right?:), so I finally decided to wear my new skirt, which patiently awaited the right moment in my closet. And it was indeed the right moment in every aspect of it – both the weather and the event itself fitted this colorful camouflage skirt perfectly. With such an abundance of color, you can only wear a black top – there’s no room for more color. So, everything else around the look was black – the top, the booties, the leather vest and the bag. And of course, sunglasses – in black as well.

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson camouflage skirt

// boots – Aquazzura/  top – ZARA/ eyewear – Fendi/  bag – Celine /  skirt – Mey/ west – Mackage//

I compiled a similar look for you with a few options for the skirt, since I bought it at a small boutique and it’s unavailable online.

6 Floors of Art

The building of the Hapoalim Bank on Rotschild Blvd displayed lots of artwork, some very interesting and some less so. Truth be told, some works I’d be happy to purchase, but I saw the red circle on lots of them – meaning, they were already sold. I’m not very unique in my preferences, I guess! I was glad to see work by an Israeli artist who happens to be my friend, Vered Rozen – a special photography that combines two amazing places in the world, the Maldives and Thailand. I’d buy the work happily, to uplift my mood whenever I’d look at it – but this time again, someone bought it before me (someone so famous, I can’t even mention their name). There was another piece I especially liked – a heart made of breathtakingly beautiful butterflies, but in conversation with the artist Shlomi Nissim I found out that these were real butterflies he buys from special farms in  Peru, which quite shocked me.

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson camouflage skirt fresh paint exhibition

With Vered Rozen by her work


Shlomi Nissim and his artwork

Marilyn Monroe in Tel Aviv

Walking around Rotschild on heels is not very comfortable, to say the least. But I couldn’t say no to that – the atmosphere around the area, especially on Friday with such perfect weather, kept me there and didn’t let me go home, despite the family dinner that was planned at our house. I wanted to take in the air and the atmosphere. Another photo and another on my way to one of the busy coffee whops, with a big wait list. Suddenly a wind blast coming out of a vent send my skirt up so high, I barely made it to pull it back on time. I got scared at first, but came back to my senses pretty quickly, enjoying this little Marilyn Monroe moment :)

It was a perfect morning of art, style, fashion and excellent mood.  Try to start your weekend like that once – it doesn’t have to be the same art event (you’ll have to wait for a year) – there are plenty of galleries worth visiting at all times.

And lastly, a small bit of advice – wear a skirt, find a vent and take a picture! The mood will get lifted together with the skirt, I promise :)



fashion blogger Luba Jakobson camouflage skirt

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson camouflage skirt

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson camouflage skirt

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson camouflage skirt

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