My Guide to Beachwear: From a Flirty Romper to a Sexy Galabia

Not so long ago we talked about swimsuits, but to create a totally trendy look you can’t ignore the array of beachwear and cover-ups for the beach! I collected here a few key trends, from a flirty romper to the right galabia.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson beach throw

  • A touch of lace

I was happy to see this classic trend, continuing the lace attack we’ve seen on summer’s runways. We’re talking lacy cover-ups, caftans and galabias incorporating a see-through effect, and providing a great opportunity to seduce for those who normally don’t go for peekaboo clothes. When there’s a swimsuit under it, this chic cover-up totally works, and our attitude becomes more relaxed. Here’s a fashionable example by Brazilian brand Despi

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson beach overalls

  • Short and sweet

This year is a welcome new trend in beachwear: short and light rompers, which allow those who normally don’t wear them to try this cut. It’s perfect for a swimming pool or a beach, especially if you don’t feel like wearing a swimsuit at all. I especially love this Victoria’s Secret piece. 

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson beach caftan

  • Let’s go crazy!

Beachwear provides a great chance to go wild with prints, like you’d never do in everyday life. No matter where you look, there are colorful options, with ethnic prints, kaleidoscope prints, and everything in between. I’m especially fond of this Dolce&Gabanna look


Love it? Love it less? Have some ideas of your own regarding beachwear? I’m here to hear all about it

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