Celebrating Shavuot in New York

I love Shavuot! It’s such a pure holiday that symbolizes for me kind of internal cleanliness. the white clothes and the wildflowers… feels like a new beginning.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson white jeans white peasant top
Usually I love being in Israel during this holiday to enjoy the a special atmosphere, but this year I celebrated Shavuot in New York, the city that I am in love with.

I have been in New York over 10 times, however this trip was extremely special for me. From the age of 7 my daughter’s Lynn dream is to travel to New York with me. I promised her this trip as a gift for her 10-th birthday. And I always keep my promises. Three years had passed, seemed like a single day, she had turned 10 and we were holding a flight tickets to New York. This was going to be our first trip together, only two of us,  like two girlfriends! What could be more exiting than that? I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it.

שבועות בניו יורק
So when my beloved childhood friend, Tali Kogan, who currently lives in Chicago, told me she would come to meet us, I knew that this would be a trip that none of us will ever forget! Thanks to Tali I started my blog, as she spent a lot of time convincing me to do that. She started a successful style blog herself for several years now.

You are all welcome to visit and enjoy it at www.telavivcouture.blogspot.com Тali also promotes Israeli designer in the US through her online boutique and events.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson white jeans white peasant top
As soon we met, we decided that we are going to celebrate everything – the birthday of my daughter, a gathering of good friends, the Shavuot holiday and of course the New York City! Each of us chose favorite white outfit, accessorized hair with real flowers and we celebrated under Brooklyn Bridge with New York breathtaking views.

שבועות בניו יורק
This memorable experience proved to me that if you really want it,  you can stay connected to your roots no matter where you are. Everything depends on your will, like mostly everything in the life.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson white jeans white peasant top
I want to wish you all a Happy Shavuoth!
Although it’s a little late, but as we say, better late than never.

Outfits details:
Tali wore long skirt with a short blouse to balance the length of the skirt, both lace, which is the trend of this season.
Lynn wore jumpsuit that is the latest trend.
I paired flowy shirt with skinny

white denim which balanced the femininity of the shirt perfectly.

jeans – J Brand// blouse – Thrust no one// shoes- Marni // skirt – Miguelina// jumpsuit- Zara kids// shoes for girls- Bambini //

Photo by: Mariya Nicole Photography

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