Women’s Health Awareness: a Fashion Show at My House

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson charity fashion show

Women from Venus, men from Mars – you must have heard this sentence a million times over the last decade. However, as it turns out, the difference between male and female perception and emotion is indeed vast. This is, in fact, the base for a relatively new field called Gender Medicine, which is lead in Israel in recent years by the Women Hospital at the Rabin Medical Center – Beilinson HaSharon. When I accidentally found out (yes, like everything in life, this also happened by accident) about this unique approach, I felt connected to the topic pretty quickly. After all, everything regarding femininity and womanhood, and its varied aspects, has always been close to my heart, especially with such important issue as health

So, it was imperative for me to help raise awareness for the existence of Gender Medicine – and the idea to host a charity event in our home, for the Rabin Medical Center, was born. And since it’s me (and womanhood) we’re talking about, it was clear that the central focus will be fashion. After five months of work, this last Sunday (September 6th), we hosted an event, with 300 donors in attendance. The guests enjoyed food by chef Moshe Aviv and Pilpel catering, and a performance by the opera singer Maria Kovalski – but the icing on the cake was a fashion show worthy of Paris Fashion Week

The show, which was produced by the amazing Smadar Ganzi with great professionalism, included two well-known fashion boutiques, Amor and Silise, which presented designs by international designers. Additionally, the very talented Israeli designer Yaniv Persi showcased his creations. Young models like Alexa walked the runway side by side with Israeli modelling legends like Ivonna Krugliak , Galit Farber, Hani Perry and others

It’s important to note that all the participants and organizers (Faza production, Hedonism furniture rental and more) volunteered completely or gave a baseline price – all for the center. The collected donations will help the Women Hospital purchase ultrasound, newborn resuscitation stations, surgery equipment and more

I can’t describe the feeling! It is, undoubtedly, the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done for others. I’m delighted and happy I could contribute my part and bring other people, my friends, along on this mission

 :) To be honest? I’m pretty proud of myself for organizing an event of such magnitude. I hope you’re proud of me too



And here are images from the event, I hope you’ll enjoy them! A video is on its way, and so are many more images. In the meantime, you can read about it in Globes and Calcalist

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson charity fashion show
A special award by the Medical Center’s manager Dr. Eran Halpern

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson charity fashion show

fashion blogger Luba Jakobson charity fashion show black evening dress

מתכוננת לאירוע

בתצוגת האופנה
At the fashion show
עם אלכסה והבת שלי אחרי תצוגת האופנה
With model Alexa and my daughter after the show

With the guests



A small teaser from the event, more to come! Photo: Shir Hason


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