Dinner en Blanc in Tel Aviv

Not too long ago, I attended an event I can’t describe in any other way besides simply enchanting. While in its essence it was only a dinner, this dinner came with a twist. 500 people all dressed in white, sitting together in Habima Square, under the Tel Aviv sunset. We ate, drank wine, lit fireworks, and even got to spread Chinese Lamps into the sky. Of course, there was dancing included.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Dinner en Blanc

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Dinner en Blanc

25 years ago this idea was born, in none other but Paris, France. Today, this event is celebrated all over the world, with over thousands of excited participants.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Dinner en Blanc

The venue of the event was kept a secret until the very last moment, where even the Waze phone application was no help. We met in meeting points around Tel Aviv, with our folding tables and chairs brought from home. We were then walked through the streets of the city, finally reaching the secret location. The walk there was rather unpleasant, not to mention the very laboring job of carrying furniture around, but once getting there – I realized it was all worthwhile.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Dinner en Blanc

The rest of the evening was as I said earlier, simply enchanting. Wearing white, all 500 of us were united under the same color, looking up at the same sunset, and feeling that we were part of the same experience. The many hours of organization had paid off, as we sat a sea of white in the square, the many onlookers staring at us as they walked by.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Dinner en Blanc

I was surprised at the dedication some people had to this event. A baby, just a month old, sat at one of the tables – white from head to toe. Some people brought everything from home, a white tablecloth, white plates, white candles. People brought wine and food and flowers.

We decided to order a picnic basket. In the basket was everything one could need for such an event – a small bottle of wine, baguettes, french cheeses, and smoked salmon. Everything was wonderfully packed in small glass jars, and accompanied with ceramic plates, metal cutlery, and wine glasses. I felt in France!

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Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Dinner en Blanc

Joining one of these events takes only a quick registration for a total of only 30 shekels. The basket was an extra 170 shekels per person.

I recommend you all to come and join this event next year! Come get some positive energy!

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Dinner en Blanc

You know that white dress just sitting in your closet for the past few months, while you’re still unable to find the right event for it? Get ready to look fabulous in it.

Photo by: Anat Belkind – Photography

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