Folklore is the New Black

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson in embroidered folk top

There are basic items that ‘go’ with everything, and there are items that demand the whole stage to themselves; single items that ‘make’ the whole look.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson in embroidered folk top distressed jeans

The real challenge with them, though, is combining with the right moving parts, so the centerpiece won’t ‘cheapen’ the look, on one hand, or look exaggerated on the other. In these circumstances, jeans can be a good solution, thanks to their magical ability to adapt themselves to any combination.

I found this unique embroidered blouse at a boutique in France and immediately fell in love. The drama! The sleeves, the embroidery, the gentle metallic touches – and all of those, in a interesting interpretation of one of the season’s strongest trends, the folklore.


Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson in embroidered folk top

Folklore is a craft, each country with its own twist on it. This year, Ukrainian designer Vita Kin shook the fashion world with her brand, solely dedicated to modern interpretations of her homeland’s traditional clothes. All the Instagram stars jumped on the trend, and editors gushed over the embroidery, the unique finishes and the cuts – traditional yet very refreshing.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson in embroidered folk top distressed jeans

I chose to match this blouse with straight-cut jeans, in classic blue, with a delicate fringed finish on the bottom – a nod to the shirt’s tassels. The slightly distressed denim lightens up the look and prevents it from looking too heavy or costume-ish. The shoes, too, ‘play’ with the jeans and the shirt and complete the look – showing some skin, finally! The look was so detailed, I decided to forgo the bag. I already tried to leave the house bag-less once, and now, with the jeans’ pockets, it wasn’t too bad!

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson in blue velvet tassel sandals

If I’d match a bag to this style, it would have to be a clutch – no strap can handle those sleeves.


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Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson in embroidered folk top distressed jeans


And finally, after already admitting to my sunglasses obsession – I chose this iconic pair by Chloe, which has the rounded shape to compliment the whole look, and a muted frame color not to overwhelm it. The sunglasses’ unique statement plays well with the look’s gentleness, and their humor lightens up the drama.



This outfit works with a wide selection of events. I found similar items, or somewhat similar, and you’re welcome to click on them and purchase online directly.

I’m wearing:

//Jeans-ZARA/Shirt-UNI/ Shoes-Aquazzura/ Sunglasses – Chloe//


Got a special folklore blouse you adore? Send me a picture and I’ll post it on my Facebook page!



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