Happy Birthday, Me (in Gladiator Sandals)!


Fashion blogger Luba Jacobson in white mini dress and gladiator sandals

I really like to celebrate my birthday – and it’s not like the birthday itself makes me happy, if you know what I mean :) I’m sure birthdays are strange occasions in anyone’s life, met with mixed emotions – after all, it’s a day when another number is added to our age, another concept I don’t connect to one bit. So in order to avoid sad thoughts, which flood me anyway weeks before the date, I prefer to celebrate, and if I celebrate – I go all in.

This year, though, we decided to skip the big party. Perhaps, since we currently do not live in our house (it’s going through refurbishments) and feel like we don’t have a ‘home’. But all the close friends announced, in turns, they’ll just ‘stop by’ to ‘congratulate’ – and I understood we’ll have to host anyway. And the most spontaneous birthday party way born!


The night before, we booked a gorgeous location on the beach, with a D.J and a photographer, but wait… what do I wear??? Not an easy decision any day, this was a real challenge – a birthday calls for something special, fun and preferably new. I raided the shops to find something unique, and what caught my eye were flat sandals by Ancient  Greek Sandals, a brand that’s highly popular now. Once I saw them (on a %70 discount, lucky me!), I had a flashbulb moment and I knew – my mini, A-line geometrical white Dodo Bar Or dress, which waited patiently in the closet for some time now.

Fashion blogger Luba Jacobson in white mini dress and gladiator sandals

Until now, I couldn’t find the right occasion – festive enough but also ‘free-spirited’ enough. For this event though – on the beach, during summertime, with the white and gold sandals, it worked perfectly. This white Egyptian-themed dress is short enough to be sexy, but not too clingy in August’s heat (couldn’t I be born on another date?!) – and works great for partying all night long, no worries and no sucking the belly in. And so, in summer heat no fan could beat, and through a party that lasted into the night, this dress just saved me!

Fashion blogger Luba Jacobson in white mini dress and gladiator sandals

Fashion blogger Luba Jacobson in white gladiator sandals

And the sandals? I don’t take them off! White sandals with delicate golden elements are a perfect match for the dress, and for summer in general. I don’t know how I lived without them… And now, when we’re in Greece for vacation (I’ll write about it soon!), I just wear them day and night, since they simply go with everything – shorts, skirts, dresses. No matter what I wear, I choose them, as perfect companions.

Fashion blogger Luba Jacobson in white mini dress and gladiator sandals

The conclusion: everyone talks of the LDB, but the LWD (little white dress) is a must in anyone’s closet! It works perfectly with many summer occasions, the casual ones. Flat white sandals are also a must for summer – and summer is still going strong in Israel!

I put together a similar look from items you can purchase online. I couldn’t find a white dress with golden elements, so instead – incorporate golden earrings which fit geometrically, and add a touch of festivity.

As always, press on the item you like to purchase it directly.

Thank you, my beloved family – my husband and my kids – for organizing such an amazing party, and my dear friends, thanks to whom my birthday was truly happy.

Here’s to more reasons to celebrate!



P.S: I want to share some images from the event with you. Not all of them are great, in my opinion – wind, heat alcohol… you know! But at least the atmosphere is bubbly.

Photography by:  German Pluschenko @evagermastudio









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