Afar Style: H&M’s Special New Collection


The folk trend is ruling the fashion world right now, and our closets follow suit. After gushing over Kita Vin‘s Ukrainian dresses, which are now absolutely everywhere, it’s time to fall in love with H&M Studio‘s unique collection for Fall-Winter 2016, another beautiful interpretation for the trend, this time inspired by the history and the culture of Sweden.


Every limited edition collection by H&M, including this one and the latest collaboration with Kenzo, creates a sort of madness among shoppers. Fashionistas camp outside the chain’s doors to be the first to buy, and to be able to get  their hands on the most special items, which usually disappear from the shelves within an hour, give or take. The craze is happening, mainly, since these are gorgeous, standout pieces which happen to be reasonably priced – if you want, for example, to buy an official Kenzo outfit, you’ll have to pay many times more.

By the way, to avoid complete mayhem, in many countries the following system is implemented – you get a special bracelet with the time of entrance on it, and shopping time is limited.


 With all my love to fashion, this survival war is not for me, so I give up ahead of time and later try to find the piece I liked the most online – not an easy task! So when I got this amazing top from the collection as a gift from by great friend, the talented blogger and stylist Tali Kogan, who lives in faraway Chicago, I was thrilled. She ‘hunted’ for it for days, and finally succeeded.

It’s a real achievement, not just a piece of clothing.


So I got a wonderful present, and the challenge was to style this highly covetable item right. Thanks to the hoodie, the embroidery and the deep hues, this top conveys an atmosphere of travel and adventure. You can surely wear it with jeans and slim leather pants, and it would look great, but I felt like doing something less obvious. To balance the top’s tribal feel, I added a classic, soft pleats skirt in black. Pleated skirts are very in right now, and black in the perfect color to give the colorful embroidery center stage.


Now, we’re talking about two pieces with lots of potentially widening volume. But as I wrote here before, oversize is so trendy and interesting now, and with the right proportions, it does’t have to be unflattering. ☺


I completed the look with shoes and accessories. This small embroidered bag, with tassels and studs, also speaks the nomadic language and adds more texture and interest, with a refreshing touch of bronze. To balance the wide top I choose to opt out of stilettos and booties, but went for these Isabel Marant boots, with a small heel which feels down to earth and a stable baseto compliment the relatively heavy top.

A small twist here – black leg warmers. They decrease the gap between the boots and the skirt, give the ankles a little more volume to balance to volume of the skirt, and add a cool affect and a rugged texture to the boots.




Next, a layer of femininity and sex appeal (how could I not?:) with cat-shaped sunglasses in matching colors (a recent purchase from my favorite brand Fendi) and another incredibly sexy accessory – a ring for the whole palm, with embellishments matching the studs on the bag.

This look is perfect for the everyday – just to walk around, say, a fashion fare, to have lunch with friends – and in my case, to stroll around Florentin and even pet the coffee shop owner’s fluffy white dog. And the weather these days begs for a hoodie!


Did you like it? How would you style this unique top?

Tell me all about it in the comments!



I’m wearing:

// top – H&M/ sunglasses – FENDI/ bag- CHLOE/ ring – GUCCI/ boots – ISABEL MARANT//

Images: Tzipi Vilmovski




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