A Stylish Passover: My Tips

בהשראת החג
On my way to the Grand Canyon. Look – inspired by the holiday
Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson lace top jeans
Born to be free!

Passover is here, and with it – spring and its atmosphere of renewal and rejuvenation. It’s a good time to refresh the closet with a new trendy look – the one I’m focusing on here is hardly “new”, but very suitable for the holiday and springtime. Yes, I’m talking about white and pastel lace or crochet. It’s a recurring trend for a reason – many brands, from high-end to retailers, issued Spring-Summer 2015 collections centered on it. Castro’s fashion show, for instance, showed  dresses adorned with gentle crochet details on the back, and presented festive, sheer tops with lace touches

Golf also managed to create a romantic, summery vibe with white, proper dresses decorated with eyelet ( I wrote about it here). Eyelet is the result of dainty cut-outs on cotton, and it’s an especially trendy detail this season

I also loved the long, sheer lace dresses worn with nothing but underwear, which you can fit with a under-dress for an “appropriate” holiday look. Having said that, I do like wearing a dark, strong-colored bra under a white lacy top – it adds interest. The collaboration between Golf and designer Dodo Bar Or also presented lovely perforated textures, which look best on short dresses



דודו בר אור לגולף
Dodo Bar Or for Golf

Another trendy texture, the crochet, was heavily featured in the H&M Coachella festival collection. A beige crochet top with short denim shorts – check this combination out if you’re heading to a vacation and looking for a young, fun look

coachella H&M

Coachella H&M

coachella H&M
coachella H&M

In general, white lace looks especially good with faded, thin denim otherwise known as chambray – for example, a white lace top with a delicate, flowing chambray skirt would make a great combo – something about the skirt’s nonchalance balances the noble femininity of the top. Or, consider a white lace dress with a denim jacket – patriotic white-and-blue and trendy at the same time! I like Oxfords or even Birkenstocks with these looks – a manly shoe will add charm, and Birkenstocks, although not the most elegant shoe out there, is very much the liberating, “from slavery to freedom” shoe Passover festivities deserve

Have a wonderful spring holiday!

And tell me in the comments how do you plan to style this Passover vacation



Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson lace top blue jeans
Passover-inspired top

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