A Sizzling Look for Israel’s Independence Day

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson shirt shirt sequins jeans

So without even noticing, Passover is behind us, and Independence Day is here! I mentioned Passover for a reason, since the two holidays are connected, in my eyes – exodus from slavery to independence in everything, including choosing our clothes! Do you remember when was the first time you were independent in this area? I, personally, was insistent on picking my own clothes since I was two

So, with independence comes deliberation: what to wear, and in this case – what to wear for actual Independence Day?

Of course, if it’s an evening party or a traditional BBQ, it’s almost a requirement to wear something white and blue and preferably chic. Here, denim always comes handy, whether it’s jeans or a denim dress. It serves as the blue component and always looks good.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson shirt shirt sequins jeans stilettos

However, I do prefer something more festive, like these trendy mom jeans with sequins (lots of them). Truth be told, I’m not sure if it’s ‘mom’ or ‘boyfriend’ or something in between, but it’s definitely a cut that screams casual. It’s also comfortable enough to go from a party to the after-BBQ.

I’m not a sequins person, normally, especially in such abundance, but combined with the folds and the rips this pair is balanced and fit for a special occasion – plus, a cool festive vibe! Sequins and rhinestones on denim are hot this year, and I’ve seen a number of twists like these on jeans – like this Two for Tea pair with an interesting Swarovski inject. Worth a look!

With the jeans, I paired a white button-up. As What I previously wrote here about the white T, is true in this case too – you can live a whole life in the right white button-up. Its elegance and nonchalance connect well to the contrasts of the jeans. As for accessories, I went for the minimum – with such statement jeans, you don’t need much. If compared to a BBQ meal, the jeans are the steak, and the rest are salads – you never want to be too full from salads :)

Sneakers would work here, sure, but if it’s a party we’re talking about, I prefer heels. I decided to go for clean, classy blue shoes that respond well both to blue and white, and a blue metallic bag (a strong seasonal trend I mentioned here previously), which includes straps for easy grip. Red lips to add a pop of color, and I’m ready to celebrate!

I wish you a happy Independence Day every day of the year!

In a moment, the holidays are over and it will be full on summer, so enjoy the last cool days




//eyewear – Dior / shoes – Dior/ jeans-Top Shop/ shirt – ZARA/ bag – Proenza Schouler//

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson shirt shirt sequins jeans

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson shirt shirt sequins jeans

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson shirt shirt sequins jeans

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