Israeli Fashion Week: Madness on High Heels

TLV Fashion week

That’s it, Fashion Week is over, get off the heels

The truth is, our ‘Fashion Week’ is not really a week – it’s 4 days, 3.5 even including opening night, and that’s for the best. Why? Because I don’t think I would last even half a day longer! Towards the end, I felt physically and emotionally exhausted. In a word, it was lovely, but very tiring

I can’t remember when the last time, for 4 days straight, I

  • Walked so much in heels
  • Saw so many beautiful people
  • Discovered some many talented individuals
  • Witnessed so many fashion events

There’s no doubt that Fashion Week is Israeli fashion’s most important and glamorous event. Although I’m pretty sure that during NYFW or Paris Fashion Week nobody will try to sell you an apartment in the process (the main sponsor was a big construction development company) – but that’s the way it goes, I guess, in our small and budget-deficient country. And a big shout out to Moti Raif, the producer of the whole thing, and to Gindi family, supporting and sponsoring the event – thanks to you, we too can feel international for a few days, and discover new local talent

Together with my professional crew, I prepared a short review of the country’s most beautiful four days


Opening Night

A very grand and exclusive event. After a warm welcome (quite literally, it was verrrry hot) and speeches by related persons, including the Minister of Tourism, the organizers surprised the audience with suspended stairs coming off the ceiling. On said stairs, models started descending to the runway (mostly ex-models and actresses) – each one wearing an Israeli design inspired by the city of Tel Aviv, a very unique and stunning concept

Did I enjoy

Yes but…. —> It was very hot and I was stressed for the models, coming down those steep stairs. And rightfully so

Enjoyment level —> 7 out of 10

Three days of runway shows

I didn’t attend all 21 shows, but I did manage a fair share of them. If you add the very exciting meetings with the winners who got to join me for the shows and interviews with industry leads – my schedule was very busy

Despite that, I enjoyed the events a lot! I was mainly surprised to find out we have quite a few designers who are capable of producing a full collection. For Israeli designers, who deal with everyday creative and surviving challenges, it’s not to be taken for granted

I wouldn’t wear everything I saw on the runway, but fashion,  just like art, should thrill! And many designers managed to do just that – I’m very proud of them

Shenkar – thrilled me with all the colors

Gidon Oberzon – with the all-black collection

Noveu -riche Dog – with the redhead models

Laros – with the flowing silks

Shai Shalom – with the oxblood knits… truthfully, this was less thrilling

Sample – with the feminine laser cuts

Dodo Bar Or – with a collection free of golden triangles, for a change

And there was much more


TLV Fashion week


TLV Fashion week

Young up-and-coming designers

TLV Fashion week

TLV Fashion week

Gideon Oberzon

TLV Fashion week

And there was much more

Enjoyment level —> 9 out of 10

 Yes but…. —> It still isn’t Paris – I haven’t been, but I know it’s not

The Guests

An equally important fashion show, if not more, was happening in the audience. It was time to dress the best, the most creatively, the boldest. And no, it wasn’t about evening wear – these aren’t the Oscars. But it was a place for everyone to express themselves. And being a part of it – it’s just fun

Enjoyment level —> 9 out of 10

Yes but…. —> There were guests that didn’t put any effort

See for yourself

My ranking for the event in whole –> 9.5 out of 10

Because there’s nothing like it in Israel! Simply fun

On my looks for the 4 days – in my next post



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