Breaking the Mold in the Holy City

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson white jeans Jerusalem

It’s not easy to be an only child… It has its pluses and minuses, the biggest minus being Israeli holidays, when families get together around big loud tables. Our family is small (but big on quality, of course), so when we gather around the table it doesn’t sound noisy at all – especially since the invention of iPhone, which steals my kids’ attention all together

This year we decided to change the concept and went to spend Rosh Ha Shana in Jerusalem. We wanted to soak in the holiday spirit at its finest, since there’s no place more spiritual and exciting to great the new year. Personally, it was important for me to touch the Wailing Wall, to give gratitude for the past year and ask for wishes for the next. It was even more important that the kids are there, so they could disconnect from their phones and experience a different kind of communication. And that’s exactly what we did

Before the holiday dinner, we went to the Western Wall together, listened to the prayers and songs by crowds in white, put in notes we prepared ahead of time and almost running back , so we won’t be late, headed excited and uplifted to our hotel, Waldorf Astoria

 ערב ראש השנה בכותל
Rosh Ha Shana Evening at the Wailing Wall
המוני המתפללים בלבן
Praying in white
Joining the prayers
On the way to the Western Wall on Rosh Ha Shana

This new hotel was chosen by me by chance, and it was a pleasant surprise. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful hotel in the county right now, and the most European-like: as far as design goes (combining old Jerusalem limestone with classic European touches of  crystal chandeliers, walnut tree in the rooms, pampering bedding), and as far as the pleasant and professional service, which, unfortunately, is a rarity in Israeli hotels.

The dinner was held at the hotel’s beautiful even center, which was filled with festively dressed people, old and young, around tables and tables of traditional food, which was mostly good. Again ,to my surprise, the service was very good. The next day I went to the Western Wall again, this time with my mom. We strolled around the old town, which was especially quiet for the holiday, and, after a nice lunch, came back.

As for me, I felt the holiday so powerfully this time – I still feel charged with special energy from this very unique visit. The conclusion – sometimes it’s good to mix things up and do something different!

And with this, I wish us again a happy holiday – that included Sukkot as well!



//eye wear – Chloe/ handbag – Celine /jeans – J-Brand/ shirt -Tommy Hilfiger//

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson white jeans Jerusalem waldorf astoria
In the Waldorf Astoria lobby
לובי המלון - השלוב של הישן והחדש
The hotel’s lobby – combining old and new
עולם האירועים החגיגי
The festive event center
 מנורת קריסטאל המרשימה
The impressive chandelier
חדרים בעיצוב קלאסי
Classic design in the rooms
עיצוב מיוחד
Special design touches in the lobby
איזור של ארוחת בוקר
The breakfast area
Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson white jeans Jerusalem
Great atmosphere all around



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