London, My Love: an Upside-Down Vacation in the City

IMG_5472Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson London vacation

Mom and daughter, father and son – this is the natural and popular division for trips and nights out in all the families, if they decide to temporarily split, right? This had always been the case with us, until I came back from a Passover London trip with my daughter. These one on one trips are pure quality time for both sides, and can bring you closer, so I decided that this year, it’s time for an ‘upside down’ vacation – me with my son and my husband with my daughter.

Fortunately, my husband was all for this idea (which is not obvious) and, to my surprise, the teenagers also supported the new concept. And so, two weeks ago we embarked on a brave vacation – my husband and daughter to Italy, and me and my son… well, again, to London. After lots of deliberation I couldn’t find anything more original than going there again, to the city that offers endless fun and content.


The original route was London-Amsterdam-Prague, but here I’ll share the experiences of my six magical, unforgettable days with the man of my life – my firstborn, who turned me into a mother 15 years ago, the child who, unbeknownst to me, suddenly grew up and became a young man, with whom I felt almost like with a partner. It’s different, of course, than the mother-daughter trip, feeling-wise and content-wise. I really did try to come up with a ‘manly’ plan and also avoid revisiting the same spots I visited with my daughter. I think it worked!

And here is what we did together:

A guided tour of the city of London


Everywhere I go I try to take a guided tour, preferably private. This is not my first time in the city, but it’s been a while since I took such tour. I found a company named London Ishi (personal London) which offers quality tours in Hebrew. I chose ‘classic London’ and had a great time, a very well-planned and varied tour. It includes a short visit at the National Gallery, watching the guard exchange at the palace and even a visit at the store where the queen herself shops for her hats! My son actively participated and learnt a lot – which is a great achievement of the guides :)

בגלריה הלאומית. החמניות של וואן גוך



FullSizeRender (2)

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London shows

Unknown (1)

Mama Mia

Watching Mama Mia is pure pleasure, as I’m sure you know.  If you, like me, have seen it before, go again with your child – it always brings energy and put the trip in a good mood. By the way, soon the play will be gone, not sure why – which is a good enough reason to visit it again!

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The Thriller

A positive surprise! You don’t really need to love Michael Jackson or know his songs to enjoy every second of this amazing show, which included dancing and singing – you don’t want to look away for a minute! I highly recommend.

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London exhibitions and museums

Bond in Motion



This is the perfect exhibition for a 15 years old and for anyone who’s a fan of the Bond and his movies. You can see all the legendary cars that took part in the stunts, and take photos in a special attire that makes you feel, if only for a second, like a part of it. That was my favorite part of course :) Cute!

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Tate Modern Art Museum

Tate Modern Art Museum
Tate Modern Art Museum




After a surprisingly short argument, I was able to convince him to go to the modern art museum. As we scanned the art, he complained he’s not “getting it”, but a few pieces he had to admit he liked. It was very impressive to see so many people, especially young, and even kids, that come to enjoy some art. A month ago a new modern building opened at the museum- and it alone is worth a shot.

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London Restaurants

We ate at quite a few restaurants, but here I’ll highlight only the outstanding ones. For me, a good restaurant isn’t only about the food, but about the atmosphere. I can eat well at home too :) I like to dress up for a restaurant, see and be seen.

A small comment about lunch – the kitchen often closes at 15:00. For Zuma, for example, we were late – it’s always worth looking up the opening hours on the website.

Hakkasan Mayfair – The dim sum is just go good

הדים סם של Hakasan
Hakasan dim sum

This is a famous Chinese chain, sprawling from New York to Shanghai. London has two, and this location is the better one – modern Chinese food, especially the dumplings! My son loved it so much that he wanted to go back, but we didn’t have a change. Its only minus is its huge size, which I enjoyed less.

LJ score: ??????

Asia de Cuba  – a decadent dessert!


A small and pleasant place inside the St. Martins hotel. As the name hints, the food is varied, from Asian to Mexican – and it’s nice, but not more than that. But, if you’re into decadent desserts, this is the place! I ordered Mexican doughnuts with Dulce de Leche and chocolate… the memory alone makes me crave them! And I’m not even a dessert person, trust me, but this time I went wild for it

LJ score:  ??????

Sake No Hana  -My newest discovery on this trip


For those seeking a Russian experience and loves Russian food – a cozy, pretty restaurant with food so good we ate there twice! It’s very good for lunch, and even a non-Russian will enjoy the pilmeni (meat dumplings) and the borscht (beet soup). The kitchen closes at 16:00 for a break. The restaurant is close to the famous Harrods store.

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 Pret a Manger– Something fast


If you feel like eating something fast, but not end your meal feeling you munched on junk, pick this easy to find chain; there are branches on every corner. They make the sandwiched anew every hour, and whatever stays – is discarded.

LJ score: ??????

Better than Costa and other chains, for sure


So, this is my and my son’s London. Put these recommendations and the ones from the previous trip together – and you’ll get a very full itinerary. If you’re planning a London trip soon – you’re guaranteed to have fun, it’s amazing!

We continued to Amsterdam, and I’ll write about it soon here.



Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson London vacation

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson London vacationIMG_5681 IMG_5788IMG_5617

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