A Breathtaking New York Experience: All Top Designers Under One Roof

Not every day can you see all the important designers – Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and many more, presenting their creations together, under one roof and theme. This, among other factors, is what makes the latest Metropolitan Museum exhibition, Manus X Machina, so special.


You don’t even need to understand and love fashion in order to enjoy this special experience – it’s more than enough to appreciate beauty, art and creativity. The dresses presented at the exhibition are breathtaking, moving and so unique – that they make the visit an unforgettable experience that makes you think about the future, the past and the convergence of technology and fashion.

יצירה של Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan


Enough straws for the whole summer, by Gareth Pugh
שמלת קשיות של Gareth Pugh, גרסה לבנה
The straw dress by Gareth Pugh, in white
A stunning train by Chanel
שובל באורך אינסופי, Chanel
Endless chic, Chanel
louis vuitton
Futuristic looks by Louis Vuitton
maliko takeda
Thorny dresses by Maliko Takeda
Manus X Machina exhibit Luba Jakobson blog
Unbelievable beauty by McQueen

These, of course, aren’t everyday dresses – you can’t find them anywhere, not in boutiques and not even at fashion weeks. They[re not made for everyday use, and for some of them, the proper occasion isn’t at all clear – they belong to cyber-couture, sometimes blinking, sometimes moving, and for the most part, evoking amazement and endless appreciation.

comme de garcon

Comme de Garcon


Manus X Machina exhibit Luba Jakobson blog
A beautiful Dior
Manus X Machina exhibit Luba Jakobson blog

To be honest, out of excitement, I could barely hold myself together and avoid touching the stunning garments just to understand how the magic is made. For example, one surreal dress was made of straws – how many cocktail did the designer have to drink to produce it?

The exhibition looks at the relationship between man and machine, from the sewing machine to modern day computers, from simple to complicated, including technologically-aided knitting and 3D printing

Manus X Machina exhibit Luba Jakobson blog Noa Raviv

Our representative, talented Noa Raviv

Among Karl Lagerfeld, Gareth Pugh (London fashion’s bad boy) and legendary McQueen, I was thrilled to find an Israeli designer, Noa Raviv – she finished Shenkar design school in 2014, and already presents with the biggest names in the world. Such honor for our small country!



Manus X Machina exhibit Luba Jakobson blog
Proenza Schouler
Saint Laurent Manus X Machina exhibit Luba Jakobson blog
Saint Laurent – no words!
Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson New York City Met Museum
A highly recommended experience!

The images simply can’t ‘translate’ the beauty…. The complex works and vision are available to you if you’re in New York between now and August 14th, and you simply must come and experience it personally. And don’t forget to take your family members, including husbands and kids – they’ll enjoy it as much as you will, as this is a great exhibition for the whole family. Tell me what you thought!

And if you got recommendations for another exhibition this summer – please share



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