Melania Trump’s Fashion Lessons

Melania Trump visited Israel and left, and many already miss her. The web is full of her images, and not accidentally – while her husband is making political history, for better or for worse, the Slovenian ex-model is teaching everyone a lesson in fashion. Or, in her own words, she’s “wearing not what’s trendy, but rather what I like and what suits my mood”. In all honesty, this is the best way to dress in my opinion.

There’s no doubt Melania is a role model when it comes to style – I can define her taste as ‘perfection’. When else did we have such an amazing time following the First Lady’s wardrobe changes? That being said, I assume her looks are often a combination of her own input and the protocol – and still, you can’t stop staring at her.

When politics and fashion meet

When Donald Trump was elected President, designers found themselves in two groups. The first declared they won’t ever work with Melania, and among them such big American names as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, as well as French designer Sophie Theallet, who used to work with Michel Obama. On the other hand, designers like Dolce&Gabbana were pretty excited to see their creations worn by such a beautiful woman, one that all the world’s eyes are looking at. Also, among the Americans, some were actually OK with dressing Melania – Ralph Lauren, for example, is responsible for her inauguration ensemble,  creating the unforgettable baby- blue look inspired by Jacky O.

Melania’s supporters didn’t have it easy, I must add – when Stefano Gabbana posted an image of Melania dressed in their gown on NYE, he received thousands of angry responses, threats and weird accusations, some along the lines of; “dressing Melania is like dressing Eva Brown, Hitler’s wife”.

Tank tops are out, suits are in

The glamorous style of the old Melania – fur coats and revealing tank tops with silicone-breasts cleavage, are long gone – these days the First Lady’s style can be defined as feminine, reserved, elegant minimalism. She takes a cue from her predecessors, including the unbeatable Jackie Kennedy, and also Nancy Reagan – like in the case of the stunning red dress. Unlike her stepdaughter Ivanka, who occasionally wears prints, Melania sticks to solid colors, which intensify her height and create an effect of a huge color statue. Perhaps, that is the real purpose – projecting something powerful, uniform and whole, and she succeeds at it impressively.

However, Melania’s perfect look is a little bit problematic  at times- I’m personally missing  her ‘personal’ touch, her special twist. In addition, sometimes she displays less successful choices, like the boring, aging black dress she opener her Israeli visit with. Maybe she wanted to stay in the shade of our Sara Nenaiyahu? Another thing – while some call her ‘the sexiest First Lady ever’, beauty, cleavage and great shape aren’t enough to bring on the sex appeal. This wax-figure doll look, without much humanity, is sometimes harrowing. Melania’s eyes often project tiredness (I can only imagine how hard it is to be the First Lady, especially if you’re married to Trump) and in general, despite her warmer behavior on the recent Presidential tour, to the outside she appears to be artificial and cold, disconnected.

Melania in Ralph Lauren

Either way, she’s surely a style icon and a role model, but – and it’s a big one – she’s not easy to emulate. Her wardrobe budgets is way beyond the average woman’s reach. Unlike Michele Obama, who’d often wear dresses bought online for $150, Melania wears clothes that cost thousands, and sometimes dozens of thousands-cost items (like this humble 51K jacket). It’s important to note, though, that this comes out of Trump’s personal pocket, and not out of the national budget. At least in this case, America has won!

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