Men, you can do it!

Dear men, don’t you think I forgot about you. You, too, should make an effort when it comes to clothes – the world doesn’t end with jeans and a t-shirt. Of course, the male wardrobe options aren’t as varied as the female one, and mixing things up isn’t as easy, but with a little bit of creativity and motivation anything can be done – try dressing up and watch the environment respond with festive atmosphere and compliments. Clothes create a vibe, and there’s no reason why men shouldn’t enjoy their power.

Since I’m sure you did not dedicate much thought to dressing for an occasion lately (and this month has no shortage of them), I decided to show you guys some looks I like, and hopefully, they’ll click for you.

First and foremost, there’s nothing better than a man in a well-fitting suit. A bright suit with a white shirt makes for a festive look, and even if the weather is against wearing a jacket, you can at least make an impressive entrance. Complete the look with tapered, shortened pants and moccasins (worn barefoot or with little invisible socks you can now buy everywhere), but skip the belt – it’s much cooler that way.

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson men's suit light blue

Another way to go is to mismatch the jacket and pants, but keep them both in pastels from different color families – one part warm, such as beige, one part cool, such as baby blue. Here, the belt breaks the bright pastels and balances the moccasins nicely.

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson men's suit light blue blazer white pants

And one more thing – I know a scarf is not an option now, but I couldn’t ignore Brad Pitt here, showing everyone how manly you can look in a pink suit. Save the scarf, however, for the cold season.

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson brad pitt suit

Speaking abut looking manly- If you’re feeling man enough (at least like 007), go for a white blouse with a festive looking embroidery or any other interesting pattern.

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson men's suit white shirt Daniel Craig

Have a stylish year,


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