Poncho: When fashion meets comfort

A couple of days ago, I entered a store to try on a beautiful pair of shoes. Despite the famous brand, the shoes turned out to be highly uncomfortable, and I told that to the sales woman when she asked me about my decision. “Fashion is not about comfort”, she fired back in an arrogant tone.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson checkered poncho furry boots

I am, of course, familiar with this concept, but among the endless fashionable choices, I’ll always prefer the ones I’m comfortable in – otherwise, I simply can’t enjoy myself. That’s why I was thrilled to find out that one of this winter’s must-haves is a poncho.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson checkered poncho furry boots fringe bag

The poncho comes in a variety of shapes – the flaring coat type, with slits for sleeves, always reminds me of Sherlock Holmes (minus the plaid hat…), and is always very elegant. Another type resembles a big wide scarf and feels like you’re still home, warming up on the sofa in front of the TV. I prefer the second kind, of course.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson checkered poncho furry boots fringe bag

A poncho is super-comfortable for a number of reasons:


– You can just throw something on yourself under it, without thinking too much

– You can wear it over a thicker sweater when it gets colder

– You can cuddle with it like a blanket and feel cozy

– You can combine it with short or long pants, with high boots

– Most importantly – you can eat with it at a restaurant and not worry about your belly coming out!


All that – and you still can look stylish!

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson checkered poncho furry boots fringe bag

Around the world, winter is already in full blast, and even in Israel it finally arrived Naturally, I wanted to be prepared with a poncho to call my own. For some reason, maybe the comfortable weather, Israel’s poncho selection is very limited, and so is Greece’s, where I recently visited. I was very happy, than, to find a gorgeous poncho in Madrid, by a local designer (you can read all about my shopping and other experiences in Madrid in a new post soon). I especially liked the fur hoody!

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson checkered poncho furry boots fringe bag


I hope you too can find “your” poncho soon. But be careful – it comes with a pitfall – the wrong use can result in you looking like you left the house with a tent or a real blanket. To avoid the puffy, bulky look, always make sure the bottom part of your silhouette is fitted and tight. Heels are also a great solution, but not necessarily – you can wear them in the evening. It’s comfort we’re talking about, right?

Here are some ideas I found in online stores via Polyvore.com (click the image):


Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson poncho



If you insist on finding a poncho in Israel, try CASTRO or independent designers such as HELLO KUKI.

And if you have more thoughts on why a poncho is so comfortable, don’t hesitate to send them to me here.


Have a fun, warm winter!




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