Sculpting Yourself in 3D – The Power of Power Training

My guest today is Roni Cohen, a personal trainer and a Wingeit Academy alum, who will tell us about power training for women – what it is, and why are is it so important for our health and young looks.

After celebrating with Hanukkah’s pastries, it’s time to turn to sports. Trust me, I agree – it’s more fun to sit on the sofa with a cup of coffee, and I too don’t feel like starting the morning, half asleep, jumping rope – but the effort is well worth it!

אימוני כוח - לובה ג'ייקובסון

אימוני כח - לובה ג'ייקובסון

 Ever since my oldest son was born, almost 17 years ago, I work out twice a week doing power training, or strength training – that, on top of the walking, yoga and Pilates, which I also do diligently. My message is simple: if you want to look and feel good, you must add this workout to your roster. After defining your goal – losing weight, toning and sculpting or a combination of the two – this workout will deliver the fastest results. And, of course, it’s important to do everything with the supervision of an expert, to avoid injuries and other damage. What is strength training for women, who should do it and what’s the recommended pace? To answer all of these questions, and more, I interviewed Roni Cohen, a personal trainer with over 20 years of experience.

רוני כהן - אימוני כוח

And if you’re one to shy away from this type of workouts, I hope your outlook changes once you read the interview.

כושר גופני - לובה ג'ייקובסון

 Hi Roni! First of all, please explain what power training is?
“Power training is a workout focusing on resistance and muscle training, with aids like rubbers and weights.” 


 Why is it important for women?

“First, strength training speeds up the body’s metabolism and rejuvenates it – which is important for everyone, and especially women who are interested in looking young. Another important benefit of this workout style relates to the menopause, during which there’s a graduate decrease in the estrogen hormone, responsible for upkeeping the bones’ density. During this time, women are susceptible to osteoporosis, and power training  is, as of now, the only workout assisting bone density build-up.” 

“Lastly, power training helps with retaining flexibility in the joints, and it’s very important to be able to move your arms and legs without stress and discomfort.”

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to put the coffee cup down and get off the couch! Even if menopause is still years away, it’s important to prepare your body ahead of time and postpone it.

תרגילי כוח - לובה ג'ייקובסון

Are there people who shouldn’t do strength training? 

“As long as the person is healthy, there’s no reason to avoid strength training, according to ability and without overwhelming the muscle. Pregnant women and people whose health isn’t great should advise the doctor.” 

How many times a week do you advise doing power training?

“The optimal amount is 3-4 workouts a week, an hour each. Two times a week also gives good results, since correct muscle work makes the body burn fat even when it’s resting.”

Like I said, I work out twice a week and the results are evident – but it’s important to keep the routine.

What to eat before and after a workout?

“Before, it’s important to provide the body proteins, so the energy won’t break down too fast and the body has enough strength to endure the effort. For example, a banana or a date with a walnut, an energy bar and more. After, drink a lot, to return lost liquids to the body, and eat to encourage muscle building and ‘recovery’ – a meal combining carbs and protein, like a yogurt with granola or a whole wheat bread, or a third of a pita with tuna.” 

I personally eat a Danone Pro yogurt with extra protein before, with 2 spoons of oats, and after – a two-egg omelette, minus one yolk, and a small salad.

How fast can you see results?

“First, even after you finish one workout the muscle gets stronger and the brain exudes endorphin, which lead to a sense of enjoyment. After a month, you start to see more results, and the body starts sculpting nicely. Then, as you work out regularly, you’ll see a more muscular, leaner, younger body.”

What’s the difference between women’s and men’s power training? 

“Primarily in the amount of weight – men carry heavier, since they have more of the strength-providing male hormone. But women should also work with heavier weights to achieve good results. Essentially, however, the goals are different – men want to get ‘bigger’ while women want to tone, so the workout is different accordingly.”

סקווטים - אימון כוח - לובה ג'ייקובסון

 Can you please show us some examples of strength training exercise a woman can do at home or at the office?

תרגיל סקווט

“One of the key routines, working all of our muscles, is the squat – which you can do with a chair. Do 2 rounds of 15 squats, with a short rest in between, at least 3 times a week. It’s not much, but it’s a great start, and you’ll see results pretty soon!”

I couldn’t agree more – squat is one of the most important exercises, aesthetically, since it build the posterior muscles. With age, our butts lose its volume and flattens, and no one wants that :)

And another small tip from me to you – you can do strength training at the gym, or at home, whatever you feel comfortable with. What’s important is using safe, comfortable and high quality equipment – like this stand, packing weights from 2 to 20 kg. I have one at home, and it’s easy to use and compact.

And now… I simply must know! Do you do strength training? I’m very curious about your answer. And if you have questions for Roni or me – don’t hesitate the send them over, here or over email!

I hope I convinced you to start investing in yourself, because no one will do it for you!

Good luck!

A special thanks to Roni Cohen: 054-6981226

and Precor.


I’m wearing: a total look by  @adidasisrael


Photography: @evagermanstudio




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