Giving Prague a second chance – on a segway

Well, there is no doubt that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Full disclosure – I lived there for almost 10 years because of my husband’s job. Therefore, my relationship with this city is very complicated. Imagine someone very beautiful, but with bad personality…. There was no connection, no chemistry between me and this city. Maybe it’s the local mentality, or maybe the fact that sometimes you have to turn the light on in the morning because it’s so dark. It was a bit too much for me.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Prague segway

Prague – what to see

Because of all that, even after a decade of living in Israel, whenever my husband invites me to join him on a business trip to Prague, I’d rather pass. But this summer, his stories and his friends stories about how the city has changed, made me change my mind and give it another try. I must admit – I was pleasantly surprised!

You can really see that the city has progressed – many new restaurants with good food and good service in English, and new boutique hotels. The city center with It’s brand stores and luxury cars feels just like Paris or Monaco, definitely not like a post-Soviet area. In addition, galleries, exhibitions and classical concerts preserve the feeling good old Europe. And most importantly – a sense of freedom in the streets! Some say Prague today is more liberal than  Amsterdam, but judge for your self:-)

Thus I found myself recommending a weekend in Prague, preferably a romantic one. Book a small hotel in the center and just walk around this mysterious city. Take pictures of the Gothic structures, relax in one of the many cafes with amazing view of the Charles Bridge. Visit the Jewish Quarter and the oldest synagogue in Europe, and listen to the story of the famous Golem. In the evening, go to a concert of classical music – I guarantee you’ll feel like you are going back in time.

Don’t worry about shopping – Prague has it all, from famous chains to local designers.

And girls, do yourselves a favor and get a manicure by Irina Davtyan, Phone: +420755169789. I assure you your hands will look like you’ve never seen them before.

More cool experiences are a round town Segway trip (book in in advance, preferably an easy one hour  tour, and ask for the excellent guide Marco) or a tour in a collector convertible – special and fun. In addition, I accidently found a free tour guide service by Sandemans New Europe – they work on tips and give great explanations of the city, it’s fascinating history and it’s architecture.

True, there is nothing like Paris, but in Prague you can also find classic European ambience, good food in the right places, a feeling of going back in time and reasonable prices.

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Where to eat?

PIZZERIA GROSSETO – An Italian chain that is more a restaurant than a pizzeria, delicious and inexpensive. Go to the branch on the ship under the bridge:

SaZaZu – An excellent Asian-restaurant by the Israeli owner and chef Shahaf Shabtai:

AROMI -excellent chef Restaurant for  fish and seafood:

Zdeneks Oyster Bar – the perfect place for those who like oysters and raw seafood, amazing service, special serving:

BAROCK – A fusion restaurant on Priesack street, with a Parisian atmosphere and almost Parisian prices, but delicious and cozy:

La CASA ARGENTINA – For meat lovers. Beautiful decor, excellent service, with live music and  a dancing tango couple that adds a lot to the atmosphere:

Where to sleep?

Josef boutique – a cool modern boutique hotel in the center:

Kings Court – 5-star boutique hotel in the center near the shopping center Palladium. The hotel has three important components – nice and modern design, good service and perfect location, all at very reasonable prices. Similar hotels in central Paris will cost at least three times as much:

Where to go out?

MAXIM Bar – A bar Club with an international crowd, good music, nice performances and a saxophone player on the bar:

Where to shop?

Obviously you can find famous boutiques like GUCCI, PRADA, JIMMY CHOO, all on the streets near the main square Parizska Starromstska. Among all these luxury shops, the nicest store with the best collection is Christian Dior. If you decide to enter, ask for Elmira, who will give you a special shopping experience.

SIMPLE Conceptstore –  A Molti-brand,boutique that holds several brands and firms. On the lower level there are always sales and you can find things with relatively sane prices:

You should also enter the KLARA Nademlynska boutique, by a local designer. It’s in the same area, and you can find some good catches:



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