Sad thoughts about Paris that was – and won’t return

בדרך למסעדה. שער הנצחון.
En route to a restaurant – city of lights

Exactly two weeks ago I was touring the streets of Paris! The city I love so much, the city that the moment I land in it, I feel wrapped by a special perfume called ‘Paris’. The perfume carries an aroma of ‘chic’ – a blend of warm baguettes, burning candles, flowers, chocolate, croissants, and lots of art and fashion, of course – it has a special scent too!

חנות פרחים של מלון קוסט Costes

The flower shop at Costes hotel

If I could, I’d manufacture this perfume and use it all the time, since the scent makes me fall in love instantaneously :) Exactly two weeks ago, after a day of walking in the city, golden with fall hues, I sat with my friend at one of the coffee shops at the Le Marais. And this is what we got:

הקפוצ׳ינו הבלתי נשכח!
An unforgettable cappuccino

I didn’t want to drink it, in order not to ruin the love. Love on white foam! I remember telling my friend:” What a city, it’s so amazing here, and I’m so jealous of their reality, so different than ours”. I meant, of course, the reality in which every day ends with pain, with horrific news about more terror attacks and innocent victims, and with a sense of fear. And then, last Friday, the chic perfume of Paris mixed with a smell of blood and fear too. I’m trying to understand how I feel during these crazy days, and here are some of the sensations I managed to unveil:

Fear. Fear for our children. What kind of world are they growing into? How to protect them?? How would their lives look like?

Solidarity. Solidarity with the people who don’t always show solidarity to us, but who if not us can feel their pain? And perhaps, now they can understand us better? Of course, it’s a horrible price for understanding, and I’d give it up if it meant people wouldn’t lose their lives.

And a strange feeling, of security in our small country, despite it being surrounded by enemies and not the least safe.

And realization that we don’t have another country. Really.

And here are some more images from my Paris trip two weeks ago. I wish we never know more sorrow and feel safe everywhere in the world. It’s somewhat a Utopian wish these days, but it’s my wish!



Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Paris Grand Palais
“Fiac” at the Grand Palais
מתוך התערוכות של "Fiac"
Exhibitions at “Fiac”
חנות פרחים של מלון קוסט
Costes hotel’s flower shop


Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Paris
The golden city
מארה Le Marais, Paris IV
Le Marais, Paris IV
Foamy love


Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Paris
Le Marais, Paris VI
Hotel Costes - המלון האגדי
The legendary Hotel Costes
ארוחת בוקר
Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson Paris
So much beauty everywhere!

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