My Swimwear Guide: 5 Hot Trends

I recently got back from a wonderful but very tiring trip to the U.S, and if there’s one thing I really missed it’s our sea! On the first opportunity I got, I went to the beach to calm myself and recharge. It reminded me that it’s time to talk about swimwear trends this summer, since in a few days beach season is officially open! This is the perfect time to purchase a new swimsuit, according to individual body types and tastes. In general, I find shopping for new swimwear really festive and exciting – we’re not entirely over the resort collections yet, and it’s already the season of watermelon, sand and yachts.

If you pay close attention to this niche, swimwear never stops innovating and thrilling, and I like to stay on top of things by following Miami Fashion Week trends or browsing through look-books of up and coming brands.  Swimsuits are usually affordable and don’t require a huge financial investment, so it’s fun to get a couple of new ones each summer, and mix things up. Here are 4 trends you absolutely must know before you go and find your perfect suit:

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson tomy hilfiger swimsuit

  • Sexy one-pieces

This summer belongs, no doubt, to one-piece swimsuits – they might be harder to get that dreamy tan in, but the sex appeal, the comfort and the protection from the sun are big pluses. In this category, I especially loved Tommy Hilfiger’s creations – sexy yet cute and naive at the same time.

ם.Fashion blog Luba Jakobson Araks cutout swimsuit


  • Surprising cut-outs and asymmetrical looks

The geometrical trend is creative, slimming, happy – everything you may ask from a swimsuit. The biggest takeaway is asymmetrical cuts (one shoulder straps, for example) and cut-outs in the hips area, plus wild prints that help cover imperfections – and this cool suit by Araks, an interesting brand, has all the features.

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson Belle&sue swimsuit open back

  • A really, really open back

If you must have your swimsuit with supportive lining and breasts support, this, sadly, isn’t for you. The sultry open back trend is everywhere this season, and I’m in love with a curious collab between the Israeli online boutique Belle&Sue and the quality swimwear brand DIVA – the looks are tight and sexy, with a very low back – totally wearable for evening with jeans, instead of a bodysuit

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson swimsuit Asos crochet

  • Opposite of modest crochet    

Remember the seventies trend? It re-appears in swimwear, too, in the form of skimpy crochet suits – not for the modest girl :) If you go for crochet, which is slightly childish and naughty, why not go all the way with this funky ‘watermelons’ suit by Asos? Some might find the reference tacky, but I don’t take it seriously. More on this topic, Tomy Hilfiger’s runway had some stunning knitted suits with gentle threads connecting the top and bottom parts – so very sexy.

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson Speedo swimsuit

  • Slimming and minimizing

For those who would like to look skinnier in a swimsuit, the slimming trend is done by many brands this summer. I really loved this one by Speedo – the effect is very visible, and if you need some visual shrinkage (seriously, who doesn’t?), this is the perfect solution. Purchase this look online and in stores.

Questions, recommendations, your own swimsuit pics? Do share!



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