The Right White

The holidays are here, and with them a great chance to wear white – something I’m always happy to do. Even though it is a neutral and basic color, white is not boring at all! There is something sexy about it, even retro, reminding me of classy fashion Icons like Merlin Monroe and Liz Taylor… It can be fancy or really casual, depending on the accessories, the occasion or the mood. There’s only one downside – personally I end up every holiday dinner with a wine stain, so – only white wine for me.


Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson white fitted dress cream throw
photo by: Andrey Tankeev

Check out this dress, which I wore lately to a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem- a tight and sharp looking dress, with surprising cuts in the hips and shoulders area, which required adding beige chiffon top- for modesty near the west wall. To make this look perfect I added a silver bag with gold elements, and elegant but comfortable nude colored shoes- a must-have item in every closet, that fits every color and every style.


Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson white fitted dress cream throw
photo by: Andrey Tankeev


And here are some more suggestions for the white look this holiday season:


A classic white shirt- all the great designers say that it’s a must in every woman’s closet. I have quite a few of those, and if you ask me – there’s nothing like the nonchalant look: a buttoned up white shirt, sleeves rolled to the elbow, some gold jewelry and classic jeans. This look, with flat heels, is perfect for a movie festival or an exhibition opening during the holidays, and it never goes out of style.


Jennifer Lopez in a classic look
Jennifer Lopez in a classic look

Texture- – if you wish to turn white in to fancy, all you have to do is add some texture. Look for dresses that combine lace, embroidery or other interesting fabrics. For the delicate look – go with a lace stripe at the bottom. If you want to turn a few more heads, move the lace up to the cleavage area. A country style dress with loose shoulders will also do the trick. Sexy and effortless.


Blake Lively wearing lace
Blake Lively wearing lace

Mixing colors- even though it seems like white goes with everything, it’s not always true. Black is a good partner, but it gives you a classic, very fancy look, that doesn’t necessarily fit the laid-back holiday atmosphere. I recommend beige (like I wore to the Bar Mitzvah), pink and yellow, which make nice autumn combinations. And anyway, always go with pastel colors rather than strong basic colors.

Accessories– accessories can throw your white look in totally different directions. For example, a combination of a straw bag, gold jewelry and beige platform shoes – will make you look like you’re on your way to a vacation. A warm, feminine, breezy look. If you go with silver jewelry, diamonds and shining accessories like a stylish clutch, you’ll get a cool, sharp and more minimalistic look. It’s your choice- white love every combination.

But remember, not every white is fancy… this is what you don’t want to wear to the holiday dinner at your mother in law’s, or to any other place, ever:


Kim Kardashian showing what not to wear



Shoes – Jimmy Choo // Dress – Elizabeth and James // Earrings – Christian Dior // Sunglasses – Prada // Scarf – H&M


Happy Holidays




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