Winter’s Last Look: Before We Say Goodbye

We always miss what we don’t have. And now, when it looks like winter is saying goodbye until next year, I’m already starting to miss it. So a moment before we’ll start talking about vacations, swimsuits and the beach, I want to make good use of the last grey days for a look that soon will turn nostalgic.

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson lace tights soft knit Valentino stud shoes

The combination here is based on my favorite contrasts permissible by the transitional season and the cooler weather. The essence of the look is the contrast of the thick, fuzzy top and the skinny, almost bare legs. It doesn’t matter if you choose a big cardigan like I did, a turtleneck or half a turtleneck, the most important factor is the wooly fabric – perfect for a cuddle

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobsonsoft grey knit statement jewelry

What you choose to wear under the sweater is less important, as long as it’s mini! Shorts with a t-shirt or a mini skirt, or even a gentle dress. In this look, the star is the volume of the knit. I already mentioned here how much I like black tights with winter items, and these here, with a distinct pattern, add a dimension thanks to their feminine allure. Combined with an evening dress they would be dramatic and overtly sexy, but the cardigan cools things off and balances the look. And to inject some interest, I chose these studded Valentino boots, but slightly less decorated booties would work too.


The jewelry is an inseparable part of this look, and these urban beauties by Michal Ben Ami work well here. The mix of black leather with gold, and the strong geometry of the earrings give an interesting contrast to the softness of the sweater and the pattern on the tights, and we haven’t event mentioned the wink to the studs on the boots


It’s all about balance in life, isn’t it?


So a second before we meet on the beach, I’d love to hear from you about the look that made your winter!



Photo by: Heli Friedman @rachel_friedman

//cardigan – ZARA/ tights – JACK KUBA/ boots – VALENTINO/  jewelry – MICHAL BEN AMI//


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