To Health! My Green Juice Recipe

Fashion blogger Luba Jakobson

I’m frequently asked about the green juice I drink all the time, and photograph frequently – and in general, more and more people are currently into the juicing trend – extracting vegetable and fruit juice with sophisticated juicing machines. It’s one of the biggest wellness trends of recent years, and not accidentally.

Why green juice, of all things? Experts think that green juices contain lots of chlorophyll, the pigment turning veggies green and preventing anemia in humans, while cleaning the blood from oxygen excesses. This pigment is from the anti-oxidants family, and oxidation is, as we know, one of the leading causes of cancer.

Fashion blogger Luba Jacobson

Fun start for the day

I got hooked on the trend when my yoga teacher, Daria Eyal, would make a green juice or shake for the whole group, in the end of the lesson. Before than, despite being aware of the ‘green trend’, drinking a green liquid would provoke chills and even nausea :) And so, after drinking it a few times and hearing about it from people, who obviously loved it, I decided to try and make one myself. And the result? I survived, that’s for sure! It will be an exaggeration to call it ‘tasty’, but it gives an energy boost (some people even call it ‘green espresso’) and a nice feeling of treating yourself well.

If you ask me, it’s worth the effort and fun to start the day with!

So for the last three years I’ve been starting my morning with this easy, 10-minutes-prep juice (including the clean up). I do not have a scientific proof what would’ve happened if I didn’t drink it, but I feel great (knock on wood, as my mom says) – and I’m sure the green has something to do with it!


Before you start:

Convinced to try it with me? Here’s what you need – a good juicing machine, which is a worthy investment for a number of reasons – unlike regular blenders, a juicer really extracts the juice. Look for a machine with plastic, rather than metal, parts – when vegetables come in contact with metal it causes oxidation and undermines the whole point of the juice, remember? A good machine is also easy to operate and clean!



You will need:

A handful of kale


Green pepper


Sprouts, whatever you got

Cilantro and parsley

Celery leaves

Fresh ginger

And for sweetening: green apple and a couple of green grapes

You can also: add some water to make the juice more liquid and smooth, and a spoon of olive oil or flax oil to protect the empty stomach

You don’t need, by the way, the whole list – you can put in whatever you have in your fridge. After drinking it, it’s best to avoid eating for at least 20 minutes-30 minutes, so the juice can preform its magic in your belly. Enjoy!

If you really want to make a super-effort – drink the juice 15 minutes after you drink lemon water, which I mentioned here.

Fashion blogger Luba Jacobson green healthy juice

Fashion blogger Luba Jacobson green healthy juice

Sometimes it’s nice to diversify and drink a green shake intead of green juice, but this is with another machine – and in another post :)

Got a winning recipe that helps you up in the morning? Tell me all about it in the comments.

Stay healthy!



Images by: Alex Polissky

Fashion blogger Luba Jacobson green healthy juice

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