What to wear on NYE 2017? Three hot options

The end of 2016 is almost here, and soon we’ll have to adjust to a new number – 2017. Hard to believe, isn’t it? With December, comes one of the most pleasant worries of the year – what to wear for NYE (although Hannukah is also being celebrated now, the tradition is to wear white). Here’s a clue – the upcoming year, according to the Chinese calendar, will belong to the Red Fire Rooster, so if you want to pay tribute to its traditional colors, reds, fiery orange, silver and deep black are all great ideas. Sounds good? Here are some practical suggestions:

בלוג אופנה לובה ג'ייקובסון שמלה נצנצים צבעוניים סילבסטר
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Like fire: colorful sequins

It wouldn’t be NYE without sequins, but it’s especially fun to find a dress combining the rooster’s colors – an outfit fiery, energetic and bold just like him. This dress, in grey, orange and gold, is perfect, and its sensual open back is great for dancing into the night. I’d wear it with black booties and a black leather biker jacket, to add a toughness element, with minimal makeup (there’s enough color already!).

בלוג אופנה לובה ג'ייקובסון שמלה כסופה קטיפה זארה סילבסטר
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The quiet storm: grey velvet

One of the rooster’s ‘calm’ tones is rich silver-grey, which has an aroma of power and confidence. Grey, especially metallic or textured, is far from boring these days, and given the fact velvet is one of the winter’s leading trends, it’s a match made in heaven. This dress by Zara is a cool and reserved option, which is also sexy and interesting – fit for a NYE spent with friends at home or at a restaurant. This is the place to go crazy with makeup, maybe a trendy red eye shadow and dark lipstick? The shoes can be stiletto, but also surprising printed boots (snake or leopard). The result: sophisticated, grown-up glamour.

בלוג אופנה לובה ג'ייקובסון אוברול תחרה שקוף bebe סילבסטר
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Playing it safe: black lace

And, in a moment of doubt, you can always go for the rooster’s base color – mysterious black! But black doesn’t have to be basic, of course – not in the case of this lacy jumpsuit with sheer panels by Bebe. This brand has always excelled in classic yet sexy pieces, and this jumpsuit is no exception. To amp up the red rooster factor, wear it with red high heel sandals and a bright orange clutch, plus diamond earrings for added glam.

Loving these options? How do you plan on channeling the rooster on NYE? Tell me all about it in the comments!



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