What to wear on New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s eve is almost here, and it always fills me with joy – every year brings a new beginning, and there’s absolutely no reason not to welcome it festively. But what to wear? I’ve been asking myself this question for a while now, and I’m sure you’ve done it as well. To help us all look our best on one of my favorite holidays of the year, I did some research and came up with festive, cool, weekend-appropriate trends hat are perfect for the big night out.

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson New Years Eve look fur


The bird-inspired trend started showing here and there at the winter runways, from Rodarte to Valentino, and quickly made its way to the big retailers. It’s a fresh and unusual look, which packs plenty of femininity and drama. I would pick a feather-lined skirt, with a simple sweater and heels, for a sexy elegant look. The feathers will give the look a sophisticated effect, with their airy, textured quality.

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson New Years Eve look sheer

Sheer play

This idea I ‘stole’ from the red carpet – celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Platrow love adding a little lace and see-through tulle to their evening gowns, and I’m guessing it fires up their fans’ imagination. Going out on New Year’s eve, I wouldn’t pick a floor-length dress, of course, but instead will opt for a mini dress with sheer sleeves or a lace dress with a slightly shorter hem, for a sexy look. In order not to look like a doll, I’d suggest a fitted silhouette rather than something big on volume and layers.

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson New Years Eve look leather

Colorful leather

Another curious winter trend is surprising leather – not only black, like many think, but camel, red, cobalt blue and many more. Luckily, the big chains always do a pretty good job on fake leather of many colors, and I especially love the idea of a dress or a skirt carrying one of the season’s trendy colors – muted green or turquoise. Since leather instantly projects lucrative, powerful appeal, I wouldn’t go with it head to toe but pick a skirt of a top, combined with a black separate.

Fashion blog Luba Jakobson New Years Eve look metallic

Original metallic

You can’t talk about parties and not mention bling and sequins – almost automatic choices for a New Year’s eve and parties in general, and an attention magnet. This season, I saw some original interpretations for this obvious choice, such as beige and white sequins (taken straight from the bridal runways) – this could be a fun way to break the mold with something brighter. Another way to shine and still be innovative is with metallic fabrics in trendy orange and silver. Orange and red, by the way, are this years Chinese calendar favorites. 2016 belongs to the monkey, who ‘loves’ strong brights,  just as 2015 was the year of the blue goat. The monkey wants us to dare and be different, so why not?

I hope you like my choices, and if you got other ideas, tell me in the comments!

I wish us all a happy new year, no matter how we decide to greet it



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